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Jack   2011-03-08 15:46

I recently bought a GTX 570 graphics card which has three display outputs, but only supports two active at a time. I read on the release notes for 3.1 that the display can activate unused monitors, and I would love to have a one-click display profile for switching back and forth between DVI/HDMI and DVI/VGA.

I was able to create the profile for DVI/VGA just fine, because this is the extended display profile.

My problem is that I want to create a display profile for DVI/HDMI so that it is "cloned." This is so I can set up a movie to play and then just full screen it and go to the TV. I went through the options on the display settings but I could not find an option for cloning displays. When I switch it using the Windows UI or the NVIDIA UI, UltraMon shows that the second monitors are disabled, even though I am getting video on both monitors. UltraMon seems even MORE confused because when I check identify monitors, it thinks both monitors are # 1.

Is there a way to tell UltraMon to set the clone mode for 1/3 and disable 2? Sadly, NVIDIA removed the option to do display profiles and I'm having to look elsewhere.
Christian Studer   2011-03-09 08:57
Unfortunately UltraMon can't switch to clone mode, you would need to do this via Display Properties. Support for this will be considered for a future release.

Couldn't you just run the video player on the TV instead of using clone mode? You could either move it there via UltraMon's Move Window hotkey (UltraMon Options > Hotkeys), or by setting the TV as primary before launching the video player.

Christian Studer -
PSCLfish   2016-10-30 16:56
Cloning displays is the only thing which makes ultramon only 90% perfect.

I have 4 monitors connected: 2x 1920x1080 2x 1920x19200.

When browsing I want to have the 1080 screen PRIMARY. Both 1200 screens should be cloned.

When gaming I want to switch to Single Display (need dem 120fps).

Last screen is TV (cloned with primary 120hz screen). Could be ignored here.

It would even be good if the monitors are always forced to clone when switching back to the "Dual setup". This also seems impossibru.

Cheers keep it up

Forums -> UltraMon™ -> Display Profiles and Clone Mode

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