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DarrenC   2011-04-18 00:38
It was easy enough in WinXP but now that I've migrated to Win7 I can't seem to figure it out. Can anybody please point me in the right direction?
Berlusconi   2011-05-01 06:48
If you're running UltraMon it's the same as in XP.

Right click the UltraMon icon, select "Wallpaper...", create a new profile and then you can browse for a wallpaper for each display.

Hope this helps!
Alfred   2011-05-02 10:44
Yep, but what if i want to make a win 7 personalization where i want one monitor black and the other with switching wallpapers every 5 minutes? :P

thx!   2011-06-15 13:49
I asked the same question once, but forgot to throw in that I wanted to also make use of the auto-switching feature of the themes. I think currently we're screwed if we want this feature (not positive) but maybe it'll be in an upcoming release since Win7 is becoming much more used in general. | GeekDrop Facebook Fan Page
derp   2011-11-11 16:22
I was wondering the same thing,
You can use this script to do it

First create a folder for every monitor you have, call them whatever you want (I used Monitor 1, monitor 2, and monitor 3)

Then place the wallpapers you want in their respective folders.

Now open ultramon wallpaper, change each monitor's wall to an image inside of the respective monitors folder.

use this script
Jay   2014-09-16 10:15
I use ultra mon and recently added a 3rd monitor. How can I get my main 2 to have the same wallpaper stretched and the 3rd to be separate?
Christian Studer   2014-09-16 14:37
Jay, that's not supported directly, you would need to set this up manually by splitting the wallpaper for monitors 1 and 2 into two parts, then assign each half to one of the two monitors.

Christian Studer -
Jay   2014-09-17 09:31
Thanks for the reply, Im not even sure how to get separate wallpapers on individual monitors. I click the radio dial to do so but it seems to put it on all 3 monitors.
Christian Studer   2014-09-17 12:34
To set this up, select the option 'a different background/image for each monitor', then select the monitor whose wallpaper you want to change and click on Browse to select the picture you want to use for that monitor. You may also have to adjust the Style option to get the desired layout.

Christian Studer -
Jay   2014-09-17 13:15
That works. I just used Photoshop to cut my main image in half and pasted a half on each monitor. Thanks!
Forums -> Multiple monitors -> Win7 different backgrounds on dual monitors

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