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Byar   2011-05-28 12:57
I have 2 monitors that are on opposite sides of a wall therefore both monitors cannot be seen at the same time by a single person. My primary monitor has a max resolution of 1900x1200 and my secondary monitor has a resolution of 1900x1080.

I would like to clone the desktop. If my desktop is in 1900x1200 mode then the over-resolution protection on the secondary monitor will cause it to simply shut off. If my desktop is in 1900x1080 mode then both monitors will be working.

The issue I have is that when I clone my desktop with either Catalyst or the Windows 7 display properties I can no longer access the 1900x1200 resolution setting. This makes my primary monitor look horrible.

I had this working on Vista before I upgraded to Windows 7 but it took a little jiggering in the settings to make work. I have not gotten it to work in Windows 7 yet. My current workaround is to use an extended desktop and use a shortcut key to switch which monitor is considered primary. My old system used a shortcut key to change the resolution between 1900x1200 and 1900x1080.

I am going to get a short DVI extension cable to extend my 20 foot cable and cut the EDID pins off the short cable to see if this allows me to select 1900x1200 in clone mode.

Any other ideas?

ecarlson   2011-05-29 14:06
If you can turn off scaling on the 1900x1200 monitor, then one option is to only use the 1900x1080 resolution when cloning, and you will have small black bars at the top and bottom of the 1900x1200 monitor, but at least the image will look perfect otherwise, since it won't be rescaled, and it will look identical on both monitors.

- Eric
derp   2011-11-11 16:39
Try mirroring part of the desktop, then selecting the whole desktop. Use the option to shrink the window to fit inside the monitor.
myara   2014-09-19 00:45
Hi, I'm resurrecting this thread because I have a very similar problem.

I have a 1920x1200 display and I'd like to buy a Cintiq 13HD 1920x1080 and make it a clone of my primary display.

I don't mind to mirror only 1920x1080 of my display, I mean, not being able to view some part of my main display in the Cintiq.

Is this possible?
Christian Studer   2014-09-19 12:27
You could do this with UltraMon's mirroring feature, but performance could be an issue, I would recommend testing this first with the trial version.

To set this up go to UltraMon menu > Mirroring > Settings, then on the last page of the settings wizard uncheck 'shrink mirror image to fit onto monitor' and adjust the screen update rate if necessary.

Christian Studer -
Forums -> Multiple monitors -> Desktop Clone with 2 Monitors at Different Resolution

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