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Fred   2011-08-19 08:46
I'm trying to setup mirroring on a monitor which is connected to the VGA output of my laptop. The monitor is set as a clone of the laptop. I'm using the monitor with a teleprompter so the monitor needs to be a mirror of what is on the laptop screen.

When I go to UltraMon>Mirroring>Settings and try to set it up, I get the following error message:

"No mirror source or target monitors are available, or the mirroring configuration isn't valid.

Make sure all mirror monitors are turned on, if that doesn't fix the problem check your mirror settings."

Is there a step I'm missing? How do I set the mirror source?

Christian Studer   2011-08-20 06:41
Please send me your UltraMon settings and the system information from UltraMon menu > About to

To save the UltraMon settings to a file, run regedit.exe, then right-click the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Realtime Soft and select Export from the menu to save it to a .reg file.

Christian Studer -
Swirnoff   2012-08-16 02:29
Has this issue been resolved at all? It's exactly the same problem I have with my new laptop (HD4000+650M graphics) and an old projector. Need the built-in LCD to work in its own native (1600x900) resolution and the projector in it's own (600x800), in duplicate mode. Instead, what happens is that the 'Display Setting' menu the projector's icon is grayed out, and even though the resolution can be switched around, upon pressing Apply, the resolutionseting get's reset to 1024x768 and refuses to change to anything else. This is not at all an issue with my desktop (GTX560Ti card) and the same projector. Is it the Intel's HD4000 driver that's causing this inability to run independent resolutions simultanesoulsy?
Christian Studer   2012-08-16 06:42
Make sure you are in extended desktop mode, sounds like the video card is set to clone mode. Once you're in extended desktop mode it should be no problem to use 1600x900 for the internal monitor and 800x600 for the projector, UltraMon mirroring will then downscale the image as necessary.

Christian Studer -
Dave Yeubanks   2016-07-25 14:47
I am receiving this same error AFTER a Windows 10 upgrade. Everything was working BEFORE the update.

I have three monitors connected to a single video card. Two of the monitors are always cloned (one is my desk monitor and the other a stand-up workstation). The other monitor is the one I manually clone by pressing Ctrl-M (to show my desktop to a person on the other side of my desk).

UltraMon does not seem to want to recognize monitor #2 even though Windows does. I have individual wallpaper set on the manually cloned monitor and it is still displaying correctly, but Ctrl-M no longer works.

I have also updated to the most current version of UltraMon as of today.
Christian Studer   2016-07-26 14:13
Please send me the system information from UltraMon menu > About and your UltraMon settings to

To save your UltraMon settings to a file, run regedit.exe, then right-click the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Realtime Soft and select Export from the menu to save the settings to a .reg file.

Christian Studer -
Forums -> UltraMon™ -> "No mirror source"

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