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Emre   2012-02-24 22:46
Hello, have a nice day. I'm sorry to have to use a dictionary.

After making the application in full screen. Application going the first monitor. Second needs to remain on the monitor.

Startbar and desktop should be the first monitor.
The program should be run in the second screen.

Waiting for help, thank you.
Christian Studer   2012-02-25 07:43
You could try moving it to the other monitor via UltraMon's Move Window hotkey, but please note that this may not work with all fullscreen applications.

Christian Studer -
Emre   2012-02-27 00:22
I'm apologize again for the dictionary.

I applied you say . The application has passed the second monitor, but the launch bar disappeared.
I want,
The second monitor to work full screen. The first is the desktop monitor.
Christian Studer   2012-02-27 11:05
Unfortunately I don't know what might cause this, moving a window shouldn't cause the main taskbar to get moved, what's weird is that the start button is still present, but the rest of the taskbar seems to be missing.

Christian Studer -
Tech   2012-09-30 21:11
I got the same problem.
We're runnig NetDVR CCTV software via Internet Explorer. When I set what is on the other monitors to full screen, the full screen view is sent to the primary monitor and the view is just static on the monitor where it is supposed to be in full screen.

monitor 1 - primary
monitor 2
monitor 3
monitor ...

If I set monitor 2 to full screen, this is what happens

monitor 1 - window in monitor 2 in fullscreen
monitor 2 - in fullscreen but static (not moving)
monitor 3

Any suggestion to fix this?

Thanks in advance.
Christian Studer   2012-10-01 08:29
That sounds like an issue with the video player software, some applications always use the primary monitor when in fullscreen mode.

Christian Studer -
Forums -> Multiple monitors -> Secondary monitor, full screen problem

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