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Jarkko   2012-03-24 10:40

I have quad monitor system (Ati FirePro 2450) running in W7 Pro x64, and have tested Ultramon as trial for about a week now.

Everything is working pretty well, but for some unknown reason monitor arrangement is somehow screwed. Meaning Windows itself shows right order, eg.

1 2 3 4

as does Catalyst Control Centers monitor settings.

However Ultramon ALWAYS shows arrangement as

1 3 2 4

and this is also how, for example, mouse travels between screens. I can of course set correct arrangement in Ultramon settings, eg. drag 2 and 3 to their correct positions, but when I save&close settings screen and open it again monitors are again back to wrong 1 3 2 4 order. And behaviour doesn't change, obviously.

This appeared first time when ATI drivers were updated from cd version that came with card to newer version.

How to fix? Uninstall all and then reinstall? Or is there better (easier/smarter) options?
Christian Studer   2012-03-25 00:49
To fix the monitor numbering, go to UltraMon menu > Display Settings, select the monitor whose number you want to change, then click on Actions and select Change Monitor Number from the menu.

Christian Studer -
Jarkko   2012-03-25 06:22
Alright. I will try this tomorrow. First and only glitch so far so probably must buy a license;)

If I'm correct W7:s Photos-screensaver isn't supposed to work, at least this was outcome after some Googling? This isn't any way important since some other ss can be used without problem.

Jarkko   2012-03-25 06:32
Almost forgot, adding to that previous ss question since edit is missing...

Is it normal behaviour when some ss is assigned to all 4 monitors and "Preview mode" is selected that after some action that interrupts ss four "Ultramon screensaver" processes are left running and ss doesn't activate again if these are not killed manually?

When "Preview mode" is not selected ss's operate almost normally, but start one after other in contrast to simultaneous start.

Again, not a big issue, just curious.
Christian Studer   2012-03-25 08:48
That shouldn't happen, which screen savers were you using when this happened?

Screen savers on secondary monitors always run in preview mode, on the primary monitor this is optional but should be selected in case you have issues with the screen saver, or it has native multi-monitor support but you want to restrict it to the primary monitor.

Regarding the Photos screen saver: the Windows 7/Vista version is indeed not compatible with UltraMon, I would recommend using a slideshow screen saver like gPhotoShow instead.

Christian Studer -
Jarkko   2012-03-25 11:34
Screensaver used is actually gPhotoshow's free version at the moment since Windows Photo-saver is incompatible.

Although same happens even if some of Windows's own savers is used. Four instances of Ultramons scrensaver processes are left running, and won't close/screensaver(s) won't activate even after long idle period. Unless they are killed manually.

It's quite possible that this is also related to that FirePro driver update, since those monitor assignments got screwed at the same time. And graphics seem to be pretty laggy altogether.
Christian Studer   2012-03-26 11:43
Not sure what might cause this, I tested with Mystify and Ribbons on 64-bit Windows 7, but so far haven't seen the issue.

Do you have four instances of the UltraMon screen saver window when this happens, or four instances of the UltraMon.scr process if you go to Task Manager > Processes?

Christian Studer -
Jarkko   2012-03-26 21:51
Yes I have, to both questions.

I even tried (as it's probably going to be used when everything is running) that one monitor shows different saver than other three, and that behaved exactly same.

What's the purpose of "Preview Mode" anyway?

For me at least screensavers operate exactly the same with or without this selection. Only difference that I have noticed is that savers start sequentially 1->4 instead simultaneous start. And processes won't stuck.

Just remembered (machine in question is not at my place but ~10 miles away and I haven't been there since friday) that there was some other process in addition to those ss processes when Preview Mode was selected, but I can't remember it's name.

Something like "Ultramon hidden window" or "background window" or something like that.
Christian Studer   2012-03-27 08:17
If you want the same screen saver on all monitors, and the screen saver has multi-monitor support, which is the case for all screen savers included with Windows, you can just select that screen saver via Control Panel > Personalization, there is no advantage to running it via UltraMon.

Use UltraMon if you want to run a different screen saver on each monitor, or if you have screen savers which don't have multi-monitor support.

With preview mode enabled, the screen saver gets run in preview mode, which will restrict it to a single monitor, and can also fix other issues when using multiple screen savers.

If you want to look into this further, contact me via e-mail at, I could send you a test version of the UltraMon screen saver which outputs diagnostic information for further troubleshooting.

Christian Studer -
Jarkko   2012-03-27 08:34

First I will, at some point during this week, get back to that computer and do some tweaking.

Final configuration will (probably) be that two screens show one saver, and two another one. But all will show pictures (2x logos and 2x photos). As said, testing period ongoing...

I believe this requires that screensavers are run via Ultramon, since as far as I know Windows itself can't do this.

I'll get back if problem doesn't get solved.
Jarkko   2012-04-15 01:49
Hello again,

took bit longer than planned, but I finally visited computer in question today. Started all over again, from Windows (still W7 Pro x64 SP1) re-installation. FirePro drivers are ver. 8.850, and AV is MS Security Essentials. Only additional software are VLC player, Adobe Reader and Samsung SSD Magician Tool.

Issue still exists, but is limited only to GPhotoshow (free) screensaver. Windows ss's (Mystify and Ribbons were tested) work correctly.

So, when "Preview Mode" is selected Gphotoshow starts correctly on first time, but newer again until processes are killed manually, see picture below. And when "Preview Mode" is selected and "Preview" is pressed "Gphotoshow.scr" processes will cumulate (4x at one run) every time. And DWM.exe starts to eat more and more RAM (topped at ~150MB when I stopped).

I have no idea what's causing this.

Jarkko   2012-04-15 02:38
And also did some testing with FirePro drivers that came with the card, from 2009. No help from those either, only seemed slower than those newer ones.
Christian Studer   2012-04-15 07:55
I'm seeing that as well with gPhotoShow Free 1.6.3, this issue has been fixed in the Pro version though, I think in 4.8.6 and later.

gPhotoShow has native multi-monitor support though (the free version as well I think), so you could just set it as your screen saver via Control Panel > Personalization, and make all configuration there.

Christian Studer -
Jarkko   2012-04-15 08:26
Good thing that this got verified, thank you very much. This almost started to get annoying;)

So let's just wait for updated version on GPhotoshow, hopefully there will be one at some point. Unfortunately gPhotoShow Product Support Forum is so dead, if it was bit more active this might already been reported by someone and this mess could have been avoided.

Or I might even purchase Pro-version on it, only thing is that it doesn't offer me anything that Free-version won't do.

Anyway, thanks again.
Richard   2017-06-08 08:00
Could you tell witch application when modifying what I could resolve my 4 screen to appear 2x2
Wherever I change disposition, the disposition came back at what it was before.
Christian Studer   2017-06-08 14:35
Which version of UltraMon and Windows are you using? Please also post the system information from UltraMon menu > About.

Christian Studer -
Richard   2017-06-09 06:17
Thanks for the reply.
Ultramon 3.0.10
Windows 7 Enterprise
Christian Studer   2017-06-09 13:14
I would try upgrading to 3.3.0 first, this is a free upgrade. Let me know if that doesn't fix the issue.

Christian Studer -
Richard   2017-06-12 05:52
Thanks for your help.
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