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Nil   2012-04-27 22:14
Windows XP pro
ATI Radeon HD 3600 Series
2 19" Acer monitors (P193W)
Mainly used for photography

As I wrongly assumed that the same color settings in the advanced CCC settings would result in having the same colors on both monitors, it took me a long time to get them to show me the same colors. Recently I let go of logic and trusted my eyes - and finally got the result I was looking for. Rather different settings for each monitor, I must say. But so far I am happy.

But... when I start up my computer, the second monitor is ok. To get the first one to toe the line I always have to reactivate the settings in the CCC. It's not the end of the world, of course and only takes a few seconds but it is kind of irritating.

Anyone out there who has an idea why this is happening?

Thanks & grts
Nil   2012-04-30 00:41
It seems it's the wrong site or the wrong question...

Even just a word to say so would have been a friendly gesture, really..

Tx for nothing...
ECarlson   2012-05-02 14:17
Try the forums at

- Eric,
Forums -> Multiple monitors -> multimonitor color settings

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