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Forums -> Multiple monitors -> black bars in my 32' tv mirrored mode
nick   2012-04-29 08:37
ok I have a 19' tv and a 32' tv and I want to clone them but with different resolutions so that I can play games or watch movies in graphic card is a gt 440 nvdia and I have windows 7.But when I try to mirror them my 32'has some black bars and its not fullscreen although the resolution is can I fix this? this is the only problem!
nick   2012-04-29 23:13
Christian Studer   2012-04-30 08:32
Are you using UltraMon for the mirroring? UltraMon will always keep the correct aspect ratio, meaning you'll get black bars on the mirror monitor if the two monitors don't use the same aspect ratio.

Do you only use one monitor at a time? If yes, I would recommend disabling the other monitor instead of using mirroring, you could do this quickly via UltraMon display profiles.

Christian Studer -
nick   2012-04-30 09:11
yes I use ultramon for mirroring monitors.Well if I wanted to use only 1 monitor i would do it by nvidia there any solution or any tweak to my problem ?how can i get rid of the black bars ?
Christian Studer   2012-05-01 08:36
What you could do is mirror only the center portion of the TV, by unchecking the 'shrink/stretch mirror image' options, but if you want to mirror the whole screen there's no way around the black bars as UltraMon will always preserve the correct aspect ratio.

What resolutions are you using for the two TVs?

Christian Studer -
nick   2012-05-01 23:12
the correct resolution for my 19' tv is 1440x900 and for my 32' 1920x1080.its strange because when I use only my 32' tv without ultramon I can get it in fullscreen .and when I had xp I didnt have any problem for mirroring the two tv's to resolution 1920x1080. windows 7 suck in some maybe the only solution is to just use only my 32' tv I think.Thanks for the answears!
Christian Studer   2012-05-02 08:39
Is the 19" the primary monitor, and you mirror it to the 32" monitor? This would result in black bars on the left and right on the 32" monitor.

With the 32" monitor set as primary, you would get the full screen on that monitor, and black bars at the top and bottom on the 19" monitor when using mirroring.

Christian Studer -
Forums -> Multiple monitors -> black bars in my 32' tv mirrored mode

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