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goldsac   2012-06-12 09:24
I'm pretty close to solving this one, but I need a little assistance to finish it off:

Basically, I'm trying to create a batch file that will automatically switch display profiles upon launch, and launch an emulator at the same time. The emulator (kega fusion) will only go fullscreen on the primary display, and so I need to switch my HDTV to primary and launch the app. This works so far - the other half of the battle is what I need help with: having the primary display toggle back to my computer monitor upon closure of the App. I'm not sure how to script that into a batch, for it to detect the app closing and react accordingly.

I'm at work and don't have my batch file handy for specifics, but the framework so far is really simple:

Start TVprimary.vbs
Start emulator.exe -arguments
*Upon quit, Start CPUprimary.vbs

(*This final line is layman for what I need the final line(s) to do)

I'm pretty sure this is fairly simple, but my programming skills are obviously severely lacking here :P. Anyone able to help?

(NOTE: I've tried just setting up a shortcut, and customizing it to do the above automatically with Ultramon's provided shortcut settings, but Advanced Launcher in XBMC doesn't seem to like this approach, and trumps whatever settings the Ultramon shortcut had specified. I've tested the above batch approach, which has satisfied Advanced Launcher to this point, so I'm fairly sure this batch file approach will be the end of what's turned into a bit of a saga :)
goldsac   2012-06-12 15:16
Nevermind - found it!

The /w command is what i was looking for, so the final command ends up being straight forward, just putting a /w in front of the emulator launch line.
Forums -> Multiple monitors -> Batch file - Switch Profiles When Closing Application

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