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japiedebaap   2012-09-07 08:00
Hi everyone,

I was wondering if ultramon can do the following:
I have a 1080p 13.1" laptop, so the pixels there are pretty densely packed. Now I have an external monitor with the same number of pixels, but that monitor is 22" across, which is a huge difference.
Can ultramon make the fonts, buttons, toolbars, etc. on the 13.1" screen appear larger (i.e. render them over more pixels, so they become the same size in millimeters as on the 22" screen?

otherwise everything on the 13.1" screen looks tiny, *and* on the 22" screen everything looks massively huge.
Christian Studer   2012-09-07 08:58
UltraMon can't do this, I also don't think this is possible.

You could try using a lower resolution on the internal monitor, but that will probably result in lower image quality due to scaling.

Christian Studer -
japiedebaap   2012-09-07 18:26
thanks for the info.

I'm assuming you are not aware of any tools that can do this, right?

do you think a tool like that will ever surface?
Christian Studer   2012-09-08 09:42
I'm not aware of any software which does this.

Something like this would probably need to be handled by the operating system, but then you would have problems with windows which stretch across multiple monitors.

Christian Studer -
Forums -> Multiple monitors -> different resolutions (DPI/PPI) or font sizes

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