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MaverickScot   2012-11-11 03:22
Hey Guys.

After reading a fair bit of posts all over the net about running three monitorsI have a problem.

I currently run two monitors and i do not use eyefinity. My connections were :-

DVI ----> DVI
DVI-----> VGA Adaptor

Now I have a spare monitor so i thought after reading various posts that this setup would work.

MDP (Active) ----> DVI
DVI-----> VGA Adaptor
DVI-----> VGA Adaptor

However I can not get the third monitor that is connect to DVI to be recognised by windows. I am using ultramon software and I have tried eyefinity (obviously at the lowest monitor's resolution) but I can only ever get the two monitors to work. I did not want to use Eyefinity until I get three monitors the same.Windows 7 does not even recognise the third monitor as connected.

I have tested the cables and plug the third monitor into another computer so I know those bits work. AMD software does not even recognise the third monitor and that monitor goes to sleep stating no Video connection.

Any ideas or is this setup not possible. According to AMD FAQ's I met the four requirements to run three monitors. On a side note i bought a passive MDP to DVI in error so i know that does not work.

Window 7 64bit
AMD Latest Drivers
Sapphire 6950 2gb DDR5
Christian Studer   2012-11-11 06:17
According to the Sapphire website the second DVI port of your card is DVI-D, which means it won't work with a DVI-to-VGA adapter as far as I know.

I would try connecting your DVI monitor to this port, and connect the analog monitor to the MDP port via adapter, not sure though if this will work.

Christian Studer -
NAJIB   2012-12-30 17:06

I have a problem connecting multiple monitor. i'm using 3 monitor with different port HDMI, DVI and VGA. But only 2 monitor than can function extended. the 3rd monitor cannot function.I'm using nividia Gforce 2 GB graphic card. The problem that occur is the GPU is not Supported to extended until 3rd monitor. Is Ultramon can? Need help.....
Christian Studer   2013-01-01 09:02
UltraMon can't help with this, you would need to install a second video card (regular or USB), or get a video card with support for 3 monitors. Also see the multi-monitor guide for more on installing an additional video card.

Christian Studer -
Forums -> Multiple monitors -> Three Monitors Fail but Two are Fine

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