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Forums -> Multiple monitors -> Attaching Sony Bravia TV to HP proBook disables internal LCD
Philip Hawthorne   2013-03-12 22:39
Hi, hope someone can shed some light on this.

Have a system running on a HP ProBook 6465B notebook which has DisplayPort and VGA. The software needs a second monitor in a (slightly) remote area, this is a Sony Bravia 42" LCD TV, connected by HDMI cable via a DisplayPort->HDMI adaptor. The notebook screen properties are set as you would expect to extend the desktop to the external display.

All working as expected for 6 months until Monday morning. I am told "everything went black and the computer started up again". Since then,the PRIMARY display when the Sony is attached is the Sony and it is the ONLY display available, showing the primary desktop. Unplug the Sony, the internal LCD is the only display and shows the primary desktop.

Using a different LCD TV on DisplayPort/HDMI, things work as expected, as does a monitor on VGA. It is only with the Sony/HP notebook combination I have this problem. The Sony does not behave this way with other laptops, by the way.

Any advice? Please :-)
Christian Studer   2013-03-13 08:57
If you're on Windows 7 or later, to what is the Multiple Displays option under Display Properties set?

Christian Studer -
Philip Hawthorne   2013-03-13 23:57
Thanks, Windows XP but the configuration was never the issue - as I say, it was only the combination of that notebook and that TV causing the problem and then only in the last three days.

Strange one this. Still no explanation but I have 'fixed' it: I noticed that when I logged in as administrator the problem went away(!). Creating a new account (with exactly the same profile as the original user account) has 'solved' the problem. Login with the old account - attaching the Sony disables the internal LCD and puts the primary desktop on the Sony. Login with the new (identical profile) account, everything is as it should be.

Beats me!
Forums -> Multiple monitors -> Attaching Sony Bravia TV to HP proBook disables internal LCD

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