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JOhn   2013-03-31 08:13
Any word abt win 8 and multimonitor support??
Christian Studer   2013-03-31 10:16
Windows 8 works fine with multiple monitors, is there anything specific you're interested in?

Christian Studer -
JOhn   2013-04-01 02:44
I know win8 is fast i just don't want any issues when i upgrade...upgrading from vista 32bit to W8 64bit. MB and cpu are compatible...

Vista, 3monitors, 2cards
Intel Q9450, 4g RAM
Asus PK5/EPU
JOhn   2013-04-01 02:48

would you know why my center monitor(primary monitor) loses its connection and goes blank? several times/wk i have to reset it in display setting and catalyst control center seems not to care. 2-17" flanking 1-20.1"
Christian Studer   2013-04-01 02:59
Also make sure there are Windows 8 drivers for your video cards.

Not sure what would cause the issue with the primary monitor, have you noticed anything which might cause the problem, for example launching a specific application or changing system/video card settings?

Christian Studer -
JOhn   2013-04-01 05:44
nothing...its happens when PC awakes from sleep mode, stupid monitor probably want to be primary on left of other monitors
Christian Studer   2013-04-01 06:20
My guess would be an issue with the video card driver.

Christian Studer -
Forums -> Multiple monitors -> Win 8 and multimonitor support

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