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Gryshnak   2013-04-06 08:19
I'm running a pair of 24" monitors through a GTX460 (2GB) under Vista Ultimate 64-bit. I have Ultramon set to use both screens as one extended desktop, which works fine, but I can't get some programmes (specifically, flight sims like ROF) to use more than one screen at a time. Even if I tell it to go to full screen, it just takes up one monitor and ignores the other. I asked on the ROF forum and they said it wasn't a game command, it has to be set up on the control panel (or Ultramon, perhaps?)

Anyone know what the trick is?
Christian Studer   2013-04-07 08:10
They probably meant that you should switch the video card to span mode, where the application only sees a single wide monitor instead of two monitors. You can do this via the software for the video card (if supported by the driver).

UltraMon can also maximize windows across all monitors, via the Maximize to Desktop window button or hotkey (under UltraMon Options > Hotkeys), but usually this won't work with games.

Christian Studer -
Gryshnak   2013-04-08 02:21
Thanks, a bit of digging around shows that Span Mode was deliberately left out of Vista. Looks like I'm stuck with this setup until I change to W7.
Tanya Mittal   2013-07-16 23:50
Can i control the primary monitor using mirror monitor??
Christian Studer   2013-07-17 14:18
Tanya, do you mean the MirrorMon add-on for UltraMon?

Christian Studer -
Tanya Mittal   2013-07-18 06:39
sir i mean the main monitor controls the mirror monitor that is if we made changes to the presentation running in main monitor, the same changes appear on mirror monitor..But i wanna ask if we made changes to the presentation in mirror monitor..would it appear on primary monitor and other mirror monitors
Tanya Mittal   2013-07-18 07:30
sir..if i give input to mirror monitor...would that input be displayed on main monitor?
Christian Studer   2013-07-18 14:55
Not really, the mouse cursor is on the primary monitor and all input will happen there, but this should only matter if you're using a touchscreen.

Christian Studer -
Tanya Mittal   2013-07-18 22:53
You men if i am using the touch screen, then i can give input to mirror monitor...and that will be displayed on main monitor???
Christian Studer   2013-07-19 12:47
No this won't work, at least not with UltraMon mirroring. The problem is that the input will get directed to UltraMon instead of the application running on the primary monitor.

Christian Studer -
Forums -> Multiple monitors -> Running one application across two monitors

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