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Forums -> Multiple monitors -> Automatic run a video file on second monitor when an software inactive
Michael Nguyen   2013-04-10 13:31
I need help,
I using an POS software. When I run this software (on foreground), the image displayed mirror on the second monitor. When POS software not active (minimize or not on foreground), second monitor will automatically run a promotion video file.
Christian Studer   2013-04-10 23:35
How are you currently doing the mirroring, via the video card's clone mode or with software such as UltraMon?

Christian Studer -
Michael Nguyen   2013-04-11 01:37
Thanks Christian for your reply,
I using UltraMon now. I'm looking the way to use UltraMon to run a video file automatically on Second monitor when POS software inactive.
Can I use the script or an Applications?

Michael Nguyen,
Christian Studer   2013-04-11 07:39
It might be possible to do this with a custom script. The script would run in the background, if the POS app is the foreground app it would start mirroring, if it isn't in the foreground it would stop mirroring and launch a video player.

Do you already have a video player which can be launched in fullscreen mode via command line arguments?

Christian Studer -
Michael Nguyen   2013-04-17 19:25
I don't know any video player that can play in full screen mode on 2nd monitor.

I'm trying to use MirrorMon add-on to implement this feature but when MirrorMon starts mirror from Windows Media Player window to 2nd monitor the MirrorMon crashes.

Quick and dirty code:

Can you suggest me a example source code for this sitiuation ?

Thank you!
Christian Studer   2013-04-18 09:28
What's the error message you get?

I wouldn't recommend using MirrorMon for this though, Windows Media Player will work fine in fullscreen mode on a secondary monitor. I'm not aware of a way to launch it in fullscreen mode via command line arguments, but you could launch it from your app or script, move it to the secondary monitor, then switch it to fullscreen mode by sending ALT+ENTER to the window.

Christian Studer -
Forums -> Multiple monitors -> Automatic run a video file on second monitor when an software inactive

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