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wiroj_b   2013-08-09 02:48
We want the panel display for 12 monitors. each monitor will display the picture with 4K resolution and span 1 picture to fit 12 monitors (one monitor display 1/12 part of picture).

is it possible for below configuration. Please help to comment. it is not fast piture. a slow movement picture or video with normal resolution.

1. 2 sets of AMD Firepro 9000
2. display port/HDMI converter (UltraAV® DisplayPort 1.1 to HDMI 1.4 Active Adapter)
3. SAMSUNG (Samsung UN55F9000 55IN 4K 3840X2160 120HZ 3D Quad Core LED Smart TV w/ BULIT-IN WiFi)
4. HP work station, core i5, 8GB
5. your software

Thank you.
Christian Studer   2013-08-09 13:54
You'll need to test this, officially Windows only supports 10 monitors. You can use more, but this may not always work.

You could use UltraMon to stretch a single window across all 12 monitors, but would need to test if this works properly with your specific application.

A video wall processor might be another solution, this takes the output of a single video card and stretches it across multiple monitors.

Christian Studer -
DT   2013-08-10 21:24
I think the correct people to ask would be AMD.

Those video cards are $4000 each, and a quick perusal of AMD's website shows each video card can drive up to 6 independent displays using Eyefinity. Are you trying to use Eyefinity?

It seems to me if you're trying to get Eyefinity to work across all 12 monitors using 2 cards, you might be out of luck doing it that way. I've always assumed that Eyefinity only works across monitors on a single card.

Now, if AMD had a multi-card Eyefinity solution, something that could drive 12 monitors across 2 video cards as one seamless display, that seems like what you're looking for. Like I said, I don't think AMD Eyefinity can do this yet, (but ask AMD to confirm that).

Anyways, try Googling for Video Wall Display.
wiroj_b   2013-08-14 03:44
Christian Studer
Thank you for your advise. How about if I reduce the monitor to 10. Please recommend again.

and I got information same as you that AMD Eyeinfinity must be on single card.

How about if I devide the picture to 2 parts by half-half, 6 monitors per PC and use special software to devide the picture and send each part to the PC? no resolution reduction.

Is it practical solution?

Christian Studer   2013-08-14 14:59
10 monitors should be no problem, I would check with Matrox, they should support this.

Christian Studer -
wiroj_b   2013-08-17 04:51
Dear sir,

Also please commment if I not use eyeinfinity of AMD, reduce to 10 monitors, monitor to stack 5x2 configuration.

Is it possible with your software?

thanks again.

Christian Studer   2013-08-17 12:17
This will work fine, but you don't need UltraMon for this as Windows does support up to 10 monitors.

Christian Studer -
Forums -> Multiple monitors -> please confirm my configuration is work

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