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Deano   2013-08-10 00:10
Ultramon's "switch window" button over-rides Office's "minimize" button. Also, Ultramon's "expand across both monitors" button over-rides other Office buttons depending on the app - in Excel, it over-rides the MS "help" button.
Christian Studer   2013-08-10 15:48
Currently there's no ideal workaround for this, you could either disable the UltraMon buttons for Office via UltraMon Options > Compatibility, or move them to the left for all applications via custom button spacing under UltraMon Options > Buttons and Menu Commands.

Christian Studer -
Deano   2013-08-11 23:29
I often move windows between monitors, so don't want to lose that functionality in Ultramon. I'll move the buttons over - that'll work. Thanks!

Rita M   2016-03-03 08:17
Thanks! I've been going nuts since I got Office 365, not being able to see/use the minimize button. I entered 75 for the custom spacing and made sure the option at the bottom of the window for position said at the top. I know can see all fine.
Rita M   2016-03-03 08:18
A necessary edit for Office 2016 also.
Magnificat   2016-03-07 22:31
Might there be some way to script this so that the amount of left shift in the buttons can be variable based on the application/window name?

Or based on whether or not the application was a Windows 10 universal app -- in which case the fullscreen button typically is located where switch monitors button would land.

The Holy Grail would be code that would determine the leftmost button in the upper right group and then locate the Ultramon buttons to the left of THAT location.
Christian Studer   2016-03-08 12:51
This won't work, and currently I have no plans to add support for this, mainly because it complicates the process of setting up app-specific settings.

UltraMon actually does try to detect non-standard window buttons, but this may not work depending on how the buttons are implemented. I'll have to look into this again as I agree that this would be the perfect solution.

Christian Studer -
Dale McIntosh   2018-08-11 08:12
I have a different issue with Office 365 than most, the ability to switch screens is not present in any of the Office applications. How can I get this ability back?
Dale McIntosh   2018-08-11 08:18
Disregard, I just found the "force windows button" option and checked it.
Forums -> UltraMon™ -> Office 365 and Ultramon don't play well together

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