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Leo   2013-09-25 11:18
Hey people,

So I hope this question was not asked before, I certainly couldn't find it.
Also, I don't have much of an idea of pc-related stuff, so apologies in advance.

Basically, I would like to connect a laptop and a TV to my other laptop, ultimately resulting in 3 seperate screens that I can control via my 1st Laptop.
Whilst I have the required cables (HDMI to HDMI as well as VGA to VGA) and can connect both the 2nd Laptop and the TV at the same time, all it does is display a second screen on the 2nd Laptop and TV.

Any suggestions/ help?


Christian Studer   2013-09-25 15:49
Does the second laptop have a VGA input? Usually there's only an output, so you can't use a laptop as a secondary monitor, at least not without special software.

Christian Studer -
Forums -> Multiple monitors -> 2 Laptops 1 TV

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