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Matt   2014-01-23 12:21

I currently have 3 monitors. My main centre monitor is hooked up to my main video card which is a 6950 flex edition.

I had bought an additional card that is the same vendor just cheaper to run my other 2 monitors.

Now all 3 monitors are hooked up and UltraMon seems to run well except for my third monitor which seems to display 1080 but it over extends the actual screen which is pretty annoying. I can barely see the taskbar.

In the settings it states that the second monitor one is DVI which is fine and then labels my third monitor as a displayport when its hooked up through a dvi-hdmi.

I have switched cables from the dvi to just straight hdmi from videocard to monitor and same thing still happens.

I go into settings and it is displaying it as 1080 but why is it over extending my desktop?

6450: DVI-HDMI (second monitor)
DVI-HDMI (third monitor)

The second monitor though when it turns on displays the resolution on the screen as 1920x1080 @ 60 but the third monitor just displays 1080 @60.

Any ideas would be highly appreciated.

Forums -> Multiple monitors -> 3 Monitors/ 2Video cards

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