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Dave   2014-01-29 07:21
I saw that the last version was released in 2012. Is the application still in development? Is a new version planned for release soon?

Christian Studer   2014-01-29 15:10
3.3.0 is currently in development, should be ready in the first half of the year.

Christian Studer -
DT   2014-01-29 20:03
Can you comment on the features we should look forward to in the upcoming version?
Christian Studer   2014-01-30 13:34
There will be two new window button features, support for per-application custom button spacing (useful with Office 2013 for example), and an option to force the buttons for applications with custom title bars which would otherwise get no buttons (for example Photoshop or iTunes).

New taskbar features for Windows 8 are planned, such as support for hiding specific taskbars or removing the start button from secondary taskbars, but I'm not sure yet what can/will be implemented, this is still in the early stages.

Christian Studer -
jaripetteri   2014-02-21 02:29
Is it possible to add feature that disable/enable DPI scaling in 8.1? I like to swap scaling off when docked and on when undocked.

DPI Scaling.
Christian Studer   2014-02-21 15:02
I'll look into it, not sure though if that's possible. Would you want this as part of a display profile?

Christian Studer -
Tom   2014-02-22 04:23
I'm interested in purchasing UltraMon. However, I have a question.

Is it possible for UltraMon to have rotating wallpaper? Say, have it select some or all images from a given folder and span across monitors 1 and 2? But have monitor 3 something else entirely (maybe select from a different wall paper folder or color?)?
Christian Studer   2014-02-22 12:22
Spanning an image across only some monitors isn't supported, but you could use the UltraMon Wallpaper Auto Changer 2 script to change the wallpaper at a specified interval.

Christian Studer -
Tom   2014-02-23 12:01

Can I have 1 wallpaper selection for monitors 1 and 2 and a black color for 3? Or are they all color or all wallpaper?
Christian Studer   2014-02-23 16:23
A different image for monitors 1 and 2 and a solid color for 3 will work fine, what won't work is spanning a single image across 1 and 2.

Christian Studer -
jaripetteri   2014-02-23 22:34
Christian, about DPI scaling. Yes it would be nice to be able to manage that via profiles. I could use docking script to detect when It's on or off.

DPI scaling kills image quality on my external 21,5" displays even set to 100%, but its good on tablets 11" FullHD display to keep it usable.
GdR   2014-07-17 04:29
Are there any new developments planned for Ultramon? If so, information on what and when to expect?
Christian Studer   2014-07-17 13:44
3.3.0 has been delayed, but will be released later this year. New features are still the same, see my reply at the top of the thread.

Christian Studer -
Dru   2014-08-11 08:22
I am fondly looking forward to this, and I hope a certain fix can be included in 3.3. I shall elaborate.

I now have Win 8.1 installed. The genius minds at MS have apparently removed the ability to have the OS remember specific window sizes/positions for multiple folders (I have 4 drives I use often, which were set to open in specific grid locations). In 8.1, now it only remembers the last open explorer window size/position, regardless of actual physical drive/folder use.

I thought to use UltraMon's position and size shortcut alteration (shortcut link properties, UltraMon - Window tab).

Unfortunately, these do not appear to work. In fact, if I attempt custom settings via UltraMon to open things like my G drive or a network location, it simply fails to open a window in explorer whatsoever.

I truly hope that this can be made to funciton, because barring MS fixing their foible, this is the best/only workaround solution I can think of to get my workspace being useful for work again.
Christian Studer   2014-08-11 16:15
Dru, what's the command line you were using? Opening a specific drive works fine for me with the following:

"%WINDIR%\explorer.exe" /root,C:

But the UltraMon shortcut won't be able to position the Explorer window.

What will work fine is the WndLayout script, this identifies windows by caption and moves them to a specified monitor/position. Let me know if you have any questions about setting this up.

Christian Studer -
Omar G.   2014-10-12 13:10
Any news on a newer version yet? Sad to see the lack of development on this product. I used to love to use and recommend Ultramon.
Christian Studer   2014-10-12 15:40
3.3.0 is still scheduled for release later this year.

Christian Studer -
Otis   2014-10-20 10:34
Cheers on the continued development.
Looking forward to the next release.
Adam   2014-10-20 14:41
One other feature request (unless it's there and I'm missing something). A hotkey command to swap the contents of each monitor (all windows on monitor 1 swap to monitor 2, and vice versa).

Christian Studer   2014-10-21 04:35
Adam, this could be done via script, if you're interested in this let me know and I'll upload a script which does this (requires UltraMon 3.1.0 or later).

Christian Studer -
Adam   2014-10-21 10:50
That'd be great if you don't mind, I'm not familiar with the scripting environment in Ultramon.
Christian Studer   2014-10-21 14:25
I have uploaded the script: SwapWnds

Christian Studer -
Kyle   2014-10-21 20:16
BTW. Huge fan of your product. I'm very eager to see a new version. I've recommended it to several people over the years.

Currently, I'm utilizing it on 3 monitors on my Macbook (I'm running it in Parallels). It works great other than the occasional case where after plugging and unplugging my multiple monitors (think docking station style) it forgets which programs are launched and doesn't show them on any of the taskbars.
Christian Studer   2014-10-22 13:45
Kyle, does restarting the Smart Taskbar fix the problem? To do this go to UltraMon menu > Smart Taskbar and click on Enable.

Christian Studer -
Adam   2014-10-27 12:43
Thanks Christian! All these years of using UltraMon, and I wasn't even aware of the scripting ability. Perhaps it makes sense to package them in the install?
Garry   2014-11-26 06:08
Any update on the release of V3.3.0?
Christian Studer   2014-11-26 12:59
Still working on it, should be ready around Dec 20.

Christian Studer -
tindalos13   2014-12-19 13:21
I've checked here peroidically and have seen it mentioned but... I have been unable to ascertain expanding SmartTaskbar functionality to included Win 7 pinning across monitors' respective taskbars..I tend to multitask, even in my retired state fairly heavily and being to, for instance, have a Digital Tutors ZBrush video running on the 50" display while actually running ZBrush or 3DS Max on my desk monitor and being able to pop Chrome up from either task bar without minimizing the large (main) display or minimizing a render in progress.

Thanks dor all of your work!

Christian Studer   2014-12-19 14:19
Pinning tasks to UltraMon taskbars is not supported, and currently there are no plans to add new features to the Smart Taskbar (due to Windows 8 having a built-in multi-monitor taskbar).

What you could do is add True Launch Bar to the UltraMon taskbar, this is similar to the Quick Launch toolbar.

Christian Studer -
DB   2015-01-02 10:12
New end of year update?
Christian Studer   2015-01-02 12:36
It's taking longer than expected, will probably be ready in January or February.

Christian Studer -
Jimi   2015-01-03 06:55
Will there be support for Windows 10 in the upcoming release?
Christian Studer   2015-01-03 12:18
Haven't looked into that yet, but a customer mentioned that 3.2.2 worked fine for him with the initial preview release of Windows 10.

Christian Studer -
SOL-Incivtus   2015-02-20 03:32
Is there any news about a release date for a new version? :)
Christian Studer   2015-02-20 15:04
I'm currently doing final testing, should be ready in the next couple of days if there are no major issues.

Christian Studer -
Roger   2015-02-26 09:07
I am assuming you've run into some problems with the release. Do you have an updated ETA for the update?
Christian Studer   2015-02-26 16:38
Still working on it, should be ready soon.

Christian Studer -
Sol Huebner   2015-03-10 23:37
I am in as soon as the new version is released. The main feature I need is support to flip (not rotate) the image seen on the other screen for a projection project. Will your new release also work under Windows 10? Kind regards and keep up the great work!
Sol Huebner   2015-03-11 00:29
I forgot to ask if there is a more native way to get this "flip/mirror" thing when I keep the screen resolution or do not need the second screen at all? I saw on screenshots that you can change the screen update interval but is there a realtime option so that I can get >=60 fps flipped (1920x1080 and 2560x1440)? Kind regards
Christian Studer   2015-03-11 14:42
I'll test with Windows 10 after the 3.3.0 release, but a customer told me that 3.2.2 worked fine for him with a Windows 10 preview release.

UltraMon can only flip the image of the mirror monitor, so you'll always need two monitors. Doing this with a single monitor would require a display driver which supports this.

I doubt that you'll be able to get more than 60 fps, but you could try this with the trial version. The user interface only supports up to 30 fps, but you can set a different setting directly in the registry, run regedit.exe, then go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Realtime Soft\UltraMon\<version>\Mirroring\Monitor\Options and set the ScreenUpdateRate value as desired.

Christian Studer -
Sol Huebner   2015-03-11 22:09
Thank you I will try it :)
Douglas   2015-04-23 19:07
Can anyone acknowledge if the reg-edit really works for them?
I'm using windows 10 and when i edit the reg... i even went as far as restarting my rig. But it's still running at the 30fps update even though the reg has my new setting. Is this regedit only working for windows 8 systems? And yes i defiantly have a good enough system to run higher than 30fps. Guessing the program just can't. program only using 8% CPU.
Thank you in advance.
Christian Studer   2015-04-24 13:53
UltraMon does use the screen update rate set in the registry, but the bottleneck doesn't have to be the CPU, maybe copying video memory from one screen to the other just takes some time. That's just a guess though, I'm not that familiar with video card drivers.

Christian Studer -
Garry   2015-05-23 06:04
Any update on the new release?
Christian Studer   2015-05-23 13:11
3.3.0 was released on Mar 30, you can download it here.

Christian Studer -
Max   2015-08-25 22:12
Hi there, Will you be releasing a Windows 10 compatible version. Thanks.

Christian Studer   2015-08-26 16:02
3.3.0 works fine on Windows 10, though there are a couple of minor issues, for example the window buttons don't match the look of the native buttons. Should be fixed in the next release.

Christian Studer -
Chris   2015-08-28 07:05
currently running windows 7. microsoft is offering me windows 10, thinking of migrating, but when I was checking my system; it told me that i need to uninstall my ultramon. Will I be able to reinstall after the installation and does it work with windows 10?
Christian Studer   2015-08-28 15:13
3.3.0 will work fine, just make sure you have your license information, you'll need this for the new installation.

Christian Studer -
James   2015-10-20 10:40
MS Office 2016 seems to have some compatibility issues with UltraMon. For example in Word the UltraMon buttons overlay on the Word buttons and the setting in the "compatibility" menu have no affect.

James   2015-10-20 12:31
I found the problem it had nothing to do with UltraMon.

Magnificat   2016-03-07 22:26
Any word on when a version with better looking Windows 10 buttons might be released.

3.3 works but the aesthetics are a bit lacking (and, yes, this is a minor issue).

Actually, is there a way to get 3.3 to use the button appearance from OLDER versions of Windows (like 7 or XP) on 10? I typically run with different themes installed and this would be really nice.

(e.g. I am sure you have some version detection code in there somewhere, could you either add a registry override or a pull-down in the config menus to pick which version of the icons it uses instead of autodetecting it by OS version?)
Christian Studer   2016-03-08 12:44
The release is planned for later this year, but I don't have a specific date yet.

Selecting the buttons manually isn't supported, but I'll consider this for a future release, another option might be flat and 3D buttons which aren't OS-specific.

Running UltraMon.exe with the Windows 8 compatibility option won't help, the problem is that UltraMon loads the button bitmap from the theme file, and if this isn't recognized by UltraMon the default buttons will get used.

Christian Studer -
Magnificat   2016-03-08 22:42
Yeah, I had noticed that changing compatibility settings didn't work on Win 10 with custom theme (and caused the secondary taskbar to do weird things too). When running under Windows 8.1 with standard theme and changing to Win 7 did switch to the older icons though, but not if the theme is non-standard.

I am looking forward to the next real release, but for the moment, using ResHacker to dump the AERO PNG's onto the top of the CLASSIC BMP's (after a bit of editing) looks at least a bit better.
Bryn   2016-10-21 07:58
Having a problem with v3.3.0 in that the OVERLAY Box disappears permanently after a brief period in Mozilla/Firefox. All other applications operate as per normal. After restarting Firefox, the OVERLAY appears but then disappears again after a brief period, which is variable.
Currently using Firefox 49.0.2 and Windows 10 1607 Build 14393.321)
Christian Studer   2016-10-21 14:14
If you launch Firefox, wait say for half a minute, the buttons vanish? Or do you need to do anything else, for example move the Firefox window, or launch another application, to cause the issue?

So far I haven't been able to reproduce this, I launched Firefox and let it run for a while, moved it around/resized the window, or launched other applications, but none of that caused the buttons to vanish. I tested with UltraMon 3.3.0 and Firefox 49.0.2 on 64-bit Windows 10 version 1607.

Christian Studer -
Bryn   2016-10-27 08:01
After thinking that the problem was related to Browser "open time" I have discovered that it actually relates to the Browser being "minimized" and then 're-opened'.
Christian Studer   2016-10-27 14:46
So far I haven't been able to reproduce the issue when minimizing/restoring Firefox, I tested with both maximized and regular windows, on the primary and secondary monitor. Minimize/restore was done by left-clicking the application's taskbar button.

Let me know if you're minimizing the application differently, or if you're using special settings for Firefox.

Christian Studer -
Bryn   2016-10-28 01:45
Problem occurs with Firefox, Chrome and IE11.3.36 BUT NOT with Microsoft Edge

Link to document describing the issue.
Christian Studer   2016-10-29 15:25
What happens if you resize the window? Do the buttons get added again?

I have now tested with Chrome and IE as well, but still haven't been able to reproduce the issue.

Christian Studer -
Bryn   2016-10-30 23:06
Whenever resizing of the window, moving manually (monitor to monitor) or flipping, overlay works as per normal. Only once I "Minimize" and then 'reopen" is the Overlay "lost". However this is not the behaviour with BING as the Overlay is always restored as expected.
Problem only with Firefox, Chrome, IE11
Christian Studer   2016-10-31 14:34
But once the buttons have vanished, do they get added again if you resize the window?

Christian Studer -
Bryn   2016-10-31 22:55
Unfortunately not. Only way to restore is to completely close the Browser and then restart.
If I do not minimize the Browser I can work through the entire day with the Overlay fully visible and operational. However as soon as I Minimize, Overlay is lost, and to restore I have to reload the Browser again.
Christian Studer   2016-11-01 16:07
Please run EnumWndBtns.exe when you get this the next time with Firefox, this will show if the buttons are just hidden for some reason, or are no longer present at all.

Please send me the generated log file to

Christian Studer -
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