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mkstvns   2014-02-19 02:38
Hi guys,

Apologies if this query has been raised before, I tried searching the forum but couldn't think of what terms to search for.

My problem appears simple, but hell if I can find a solution.

Sometimes, when I'm watching video on my primary screen, I like to switch off my secondary monitor so as to not distract me.

But when I turn the secondary screen off, all of the apps there move immediately to the primary screen.

Rather frustrating. Is there an option to disable this? I can't seem to find it...


Christian Studer   2014-02-19 12:59
I don't think that's possible, Windows 7 does this with monitors connected via HDMI (DisplayPort as well as far as I know).

If you're mainly interested in moving the apps back to their original positions when you re-enable the monitor, you could do this manually via UltraMon scripts, you would need to save window positions before turning off the monitor, and restore them after turning it on again.

Christian Studer -
mkstvns   2014-02-19 17:00
Thanks Christian, appreciate the reply. And yeah, it occurred to me later that it's the HDMI factor! What a pain... my old PC had two DVI ports, but this new one has only one DVI and of course the HDMI port.

Oh well, I'll have a play around. Thanks again! :)
Forums -> Multiple monitors -> Secondary Window Apps Moving To Primary

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