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EHJ   2014-06-11 13:20

I have set up a system showing 16 screens for traffic monitoring in a call center. Its controlled by 1 computer with a graphics card with 6 ports. That means I can have 6 different views/screens. (Windows recognizes this as 6 independent monitors) The 6 ports transmits the signal through a dedicated switch and each monitor has a receiver that decides which of the 6 "channels" the monitor should show. The monitors are spread out in pairs throughout the building. The computer itself is locked into a tech room where no one has access except for me.

Controlling the computer is not done from that room, but I have a wireless keyboard and mouse that will control it from outside of the room.

Since I am using a specific program to show the traffic, I open this program 6 times to accomplish different views, and this is the process I want to automate using autohotkey/ultramon.

The reason is simple. I need my colleagues to be able to manage this system when I am not present as it is vital to the daily operations in the contact centre. My colleagues are not very computer savvy.

Here are my questions (finally :P )

1. Since the monitors are spread out in pairs, I can never see more than 2 out of the 6 screens at the same time. I can easily get around this by using hotkeys and screen swaps, but a software that would display the content on each screen would help a lot. Does ultramon have a feature for this? (I imagine something that looks like the picture where you manage screen resolution etc. in windows, but instead, showing the actual picture on the screens instead of the "identify" numbers)

2. Is there a way to run ultramon scripts on computers that does not have the ultramon software installed? I am not sure if I am allowed to install the software itself on the monitor computers. (Would of course buy licenses if necessary)

3. I probably need more than one license, is it sufficient to buy one for each computer its installed on, or is it per user? This is for commercial use.

Christian Studer   2014-06-11 14:48
1) You could do this with the MirrorMon add-on, let me know if you have any questions about setting this up.

2) You'll need to have UltraMon installed as the scripts will use UltraMon COM components.

3) A license per computer is fine, UltraMon is licensed either per user or per computer.

Christian Studer -
Forums -> Multiple monitors -> Scripts and autohotkey

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