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Zman   2015-08-14 02:18
Will the next version for windows 10 also include options to hide the "Seach" and "Taskview" buttons on secondary monitors as well? The remove start menu works fine but these two new features show up on the secondary bar now.
Christian Studer   2015-08-14 08:44
If you restart the system, does only the start button get removed and the two other icons remain on the secondary taskbar?

For me this works fine, all three icons get removed from the secondary taskbar when UltraMon starts. This is with UltraMon 3.3.0 on 64-bit Windows 10 (final release).

Christian Studer -
Zman   2015-08-14 09:11
Thanks for the reply. Yes same version I am running and yes the icons still remain even on a restart/reboot.
Christian Studer   2015-08-14 12:29
Are you using another application which interacts with the taskbar, for example Classic Shell or Start10?

Christian Studer -
Zman   2015-08-14 12:43
Nope, no other programs of that sort.
Christian Studer   2015-08-14 15:21
I've done some further testing and noticed that the task view icon reappears on my system if I move the mouse over that area of the taskbar.

UltraMon only hides the start button, but on my system this causes the other buttons to get hidden as well (at least initially), no idea why you see different behavior. Will be fixed in the next release, UltraMon will explicitly hide all three buttons if the remove start button option is enabled.

Christian Studer -
Zman   2015-08-15 05:57
Thank you so much! Great support, this is why I stuck with you since day one of release.
John Knox   2016-01-19 09:54
Hi I was wondering if there was any sort of timeline for when a new version with this fix included might be released. Is there a beta release for Ultramon anywhere?

This bug coupled with a bug in Windows itself that prevents autohide from working if you disable the Cortana/search button have been proving rather annoying. This is especially true since apps will stack with the button hiding and making it difficult to click on applications trying to share that space.

Overall Ultramon has been working very well (better with the search buttons disabled, but that renders autohide unusable), but this one annoyance is proving rather irksome.
Christian Studer   2016-01-19 14:58
Later this year, but I don't have a specific date yet. There is no beta release available at this time.

Christian Studer -
Matthew Reinsmith   2016-03-13 13:52
First of All, UltraMon is the best!

I was just searching the forum for this issue and I wasn't sure if I understood this thread correctly, so I just wanted to throw in what isa happening to my W10 machine

I have the "Hide start Button" option enabled, but Cortana and Task View still show up on my secondary monitor when you mouse over them. They are functional as well if you click on them.

I'm not a fan of Cortana so I disabled that one, but task view has been very useful so far.

Not a show stopper, but it does get tricky when you go for that taskbar icon.

Just an FYI


W10 user   2016-04-04 09:49
So it's a known issue with Windows 10 that the auto-hide functionality doesn't work on secondary monitors with UltraMon?

I can get my main monitor's taskbar to auto hide, but not on my 2nd and 3rd screens.

Any update on timing for a fix? Just bought UltraMon yesterday to specifically enable the auto-hide support for my secondary monitors and now am sad : (
Christian Studer   2016-04-04 14:02
Not sure what would cause this, for me autohide works fine on Windows 10, also on secondary monitors, but this isn't handled by UltraMon as the built-in multi-monitor taskbar gets used on Windows 8 and later.

Christian Studer -
W10 user   2016-04-05 08:09
Looks to be a Windows 10 issue:

Just need to turn on and back off the Cortana search box and auto hide will start working again on secondary monitors.

Sorry for the false alarm -- I'm no longer sad now : )
Eric Mackie   2016-08-12 18:09
Also curious about the timeframe for an updated release with this issue addressed?? I've been a long time UltraMon user and very happy with it. Lately with Windows 10 I've become frustrated on my second & third monitor when the Cortina & Task View icons appear and block my ability to select the applications that are also displayed in the same spot ... I'm left trying to Alt+Tab to enable them as I can't consistently select them with the mouse. Thanks! Eric
Christian Studer   2016-08-13 12:40
Should be ready later this year, but I don't have a specific date yet. You could disable the search and task view button, can be done via right-click on the main taskbar.

Christian Studer -
HOWARD HUNTER   2017-11-09 02:57
Love Ultramon, just upgraded to the new version which came out just in time for my computer upgrade to win10. Secondary monitors still showing the "Search" icon even when ultramon set to hide start button.
Christian Studer   2017-11-09 03:39
Howard, what language are you using for Windows?

Christian Studer -
HOWARD HUNTER   2017-11-09 08:31
Christian Studer   2017-11-09 08:33
Are you on the latest release of Windows 10, 1709? You can check this under Start menu > Settings > System > About.

So far I've only seen this issue when using non-English versions of Windows.

Christian Studer -
HOWARD HUNTER   2017-11-09 08:45
Windows 10 Pro
Version 1703
OS Build 15063.674

the Start menu is hidden correctly it's the "search" circle icon that remains in slot 2.
Ben Daneliuk   2017-11-10 01:58
HI All,

I'm in the same situation.
Windows 10 Pro 1703
Not got any updates due to 1709

I've installed latest UltraMon and I too am getting the Cortana Search "O" icon presenting on my second monitor taskbar.

It sits behind the second application icon I have open, but as I go to select the application, it switches the Cortana icon on top. Only way around this is Alt + Tab to cycle applications open.
Christian Studer   2017-11-10 02:06
For further troubleshooting, please run SecTbarTestWin10.exe and send me the generated log file to

Christian Studer -
MRiggs   2017-11-16 05:20
Same here. Latest update has removed the task view button, finally, but the Cortana button is still there. Not visible until you mouse over it, then always sitting there staring at me. Also blocks access to a second app open on the secondary monitor. I would assume tertiary as well if I wanted to go and install one of my others.
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