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Shri Sastry   2016-01-21 08:13
I recently purchased ultramon and am happy about some of the feathers available in ultramon.
I am trying to set up one of my applications (remote desktop connection) so that it is maximized on 2 of my 3 monitors and such that I only see the task bar of my remote desktop window and not the task bar of my actual desktop. I tried to play with the hotkeys but I have not been able to successfully set this up. Can you provide some insight on how I can user ultramon to set my remote desktop maximized on two of my monitors

Thank You
Christian Studer   2016-01-21 13:31
I don't think this is possible in fullscreen mode, but you can specify the width and height of the remote session desktop, by passing arguments to mstsc.exe, but this will be a regular window which won't cover the local taskbar:

mstsc.exe /w:2560 /h:1024

Christian Studer -
Jim F.   2016-01-21 13:41
As with Christian's suggestion, mine will not cover up the taskbar either but one script I use allows me to maximize a window across only two designated monitors (leaving a third, fourth, etc. alone).

If you head to and look for either Maximize2Mon or Maximize2Mon2, maybe that will help in some way.
Erik   2017-12-20 12:03
I have tried to use those scripts, however it doesn't seem to be working... It just causes the window to fill in top to bottom of one monitor...
Christian Studer   2017-12-20 15:56
Erik, to check if it's an issue with your script or the application, try if the script works fine with Notepad.

Christian Studer -
Forums -> UltraMon™ -> Maximize window on two monitors

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