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Ivan   2016-07-31 13:43
The ability to choose the opening size/position/monitor for programs is most valuable to me!

Shortcuts copied from the programs section of the start menu open software directly. However, as soon as they are modified by the ultramon additional tabs (to set monitor/position/size on starting up) they are downgraded securitywise, and up pops User Account Control yes/no "Do you want the App to make changes to your PC" etc. Presumably the act of modifying via the extra tabs removes the elevated status of the shortcut?

Some advice here most welcome - also may be using Winaero which creates elevated shortcuts automatically - if this is indeed required?

regards, Ivan
Christian Studer   2016-07-31 14:28
How do you copy the shortcuts? If I drag a shortcut from the start menu to the desktop, the UltraMon tabs don't get added to the created shortcut.

What happens if you create a new shortcut via UltraMon menu > Shortcuts? For me this works fine, I tested with Notepad.

Christian Studer -
Ivan   2016-08-04 11:47
It appears that the "anniversary update" of Win 10 has upset ultramon further; clicking on UM/shortcuts/new shortcut does not produce any result. /Manage shows empty file.

However dragging/copy from Programs to desktop yields a shortcut with UM 2 tab addition. On clicking on the shortcut, there's now a an extra dialogue (if signature not recognised/missing) and a new W10 style User account Control, and the desired program window opens on the same monitor whatever UM setting one chooses.

I can see this continual updates approach is going to be a real PIA!
Christian Studer   2016-08-04 11:57
Are you using the latest release of UltraMon, 3.3.0?

I'm also on version 1607 of Windows 10, and UltraMon menu > Shortcuts works fine for me, I can create a new shortcut and the manage option opens the correct folder, C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Realtime Soft\UltraMon\3.3.0\Shortcuts.

Christian Studer -
Ivan   2016-08-05 04:53
Thanks for your response; I am using v3.3, which I have un/re installed just in case. I have displays sisde by side, W10 Customise new style page shows monitors as 2 1, which puts my taskbar on rh. primary monitor 1 - actually down the rh. edge. There is only one taskbar.

The UM Display Settings dialogue shows the monitors as 1 2, identifying 2 as the primary (confusing at first). Shortcut extensions are enabled in UM options.

Lets look at Wordpad; double click on the execuatble opens on the rh. primary monitor 1(see 1st paragraph). If I make a shortcut for Wordpad from The executable in WinNT/Accessories, by dragging onto desktop/create shortcut here, it has the 2 extra UM tabs. Change to open on lh. monitor 2, and Windows shield is added to the shortcut. A double click on shortcut, blanks screen and opens user account control box "do you want this app to make changes..."; select yes, and Wordpad still opens on the primary, rh monitor 1.

UM Manage Shortcuts opens the correct folder which is empty - presumably because I did not begin with UM/shortcuts/new shortcut - which does nothing at all when clicked upon.

Apart from the usual long list of services, the following are shown running at startup: 7TaskbarTweaker, Classic StartMenu, Directory Opus, Logitech Setpoint/download Asst, OneDrive, Realtek HD Audio/Manager, AMD Radeonsettings and Ultramon. Closing these appears to have no positive effect. Help!
Christian Studer   2016-08-05 05:17
What happens if you open a command prompt, then run the following command:

"%ProgramFiles%\UltraMon\UltraMonShortcuts.exe" /c umsc

Christian Studer -
Ivan   2016-08-05 09:21
Ah Ha! Your UM shortcut box appears, and if Command Prompt is run as admin, then no annoying Usr Acct Ctrl message.

This is a new clean install (not upgrade from7) so I tried uninstalling my other utilities - no difference, no action on New Shortcut. No major software installed at this point.

Will reinstall W10 tomorrow, and check ultramon before any further installs, and then add annivesary pack and check again.

Thanks for your interest, best regards
Christian Studer   2016-08-05 13:36
Odd issue, I'm not sure what might cause this. Let me know how it goes with the new Windows installation.

Christian Studer -
Ivan   2016-08-07 12:19
Another clean install of W10, then anniversary update; UM shortcuts OK. Reinstalled other items, UM shortcuts continue unscathed. However this time I cannot see anything on my wired network, just internet access. Problem solved.......W10 does seem rather fragile.
thanks for your patience, best regards
Christian Studer   2016-08-08 14:45
Glad to hear that,

Christian Studer -
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