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Jorden   2016-08-22 13:29
I have created numerous shortcuts to open applications and programs on different monitors however recently they only open in the primary monitor. Does anyone know what might be causing this? I have verified that in the shortcut settings under the "Window" tab I have chosen to "use custom settings" and Show: "maximized" on "Monitor 1".

Christian Studer   2016-08-22 17:05
Monitor 1 is not the primary monitor?

Also let me know with which applications you have the issue, and what version of UltraMon and Windows you're using.

Christian Studer -
Peter H   2016-09-20 06:43
I am kind of having the same issue. If I open excel on my right monitor (using 3 monitors) it will appear on the taskbar correctly however if I open another excel file, both move to the center (primary) monitor taskbar. The workbooks themselves remain open on the right monitor.
Christian Studer   2016-09-20 14:10
Peter, which version of Windows and Excel are you using?

Christian Studer -
Peter H   2016-09-21 13:55
Hi Christian,
Windows 10 Pro
Microsoft Office Home and Business 2010
Excel Version: 14.0.7173.5000 (64-bit)
Peter H   2016-09-21 13:58
Windows 10 Pro
Version: 1607
Build: 14393.187
Christian Studer   2016-09-21 15:22
Seems to be the same issue as with Excel 2007, you could ask Microsoft to look into this, but I doubt that they'll fix this as Excel 2016 doesn't have this issue.

UltraMon's Smart Taskbar handled this correctly, but on Windows 8 and later the built-in multi-monitor taskbar gets used, UltraMon no longer adds its own taskbars.

Christian Studer -
Peter H   2016-09-22 06:57
That's one of the reasons why I bought the software was to keep open office files on their appropriate taskbars. :(
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