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Jonas Otter   2016-11-08 04:12

I've been trying to use the script MultiInstanceFirefoxChrome to open 6 different Firefox instances on 6 different monitors, but no matter how and what I do, all 6 Firefox instances always opens on the same monitor.

I also tried with Chrome, but no luck there either.
Using the MultiInstanceIE with IE works though, but unfortunately, I cannot use IE for this.

Got any ideas or ideas as to why the MultiInstanceFirefoxChrome does not work "out of the box", configured for 6 monitors?

Running UltraMon 3.3.0 on Windows 10 Professional x64.
All scripts tried were downloaded today and only modified to the arrays of websites and monitors I desire.
Christian Studer   2016-11-08 16:02
You'll need to set the WND_CAPTIONS option as well, otherwise the script won't find and position the windows.

Christian Studer -
Jonas Otter   2016-11-09 07:19
Hi again,

I did set the WND_CAPTIONS from the beginning, using unique names for each window/instance, I have tried using:
* no WND_CAPTIONS (produces script errors)
* custom names (no errors but windows are not moved)
* Default caption names with "* - Mozilla Firefox" (still does not move the windows)
* Empty " " caption names (same result)

Unfortunately, I cannot get this to work, no matter how this is set up.
Even the default, unmodified script, does not work for me.
So if you have any other ideas, I'd really appreciate it.
Christian Studer   2016-11-09 14:00
WND_CAPTIONS needs to be set to the actual window caption of each browser instance, this is different for each website and browser, for example if you open in Firefox, the window caption will be "Realtime Soft - Mozilla Firefox".

"* - Mozilla Firefox" won't work because the wildcard will match any open Firefox window, meaning only one of the Firefox windows will get positioned.

Christian Studer -
Jonas Otter   2016-11-10 04:07
Thanks for that explanation, Christian.

Unfortunately, I still cannot get it to work.
Having re-done this from scratch, I started with only 2 Firefox windows that should open, using the respective and unique window caption, but only one of the windows is moved to the correct monitor.
Continuing to build on this, I added more Firefox windows that should open, along with the respective window caption and monitor number, but the same thing still happens - only one of the windows is moved to another monitor.

Perhaps this is due to Firefox itself, as far as I can see the initial window caption is always "Connecting... - Mozilla Firefox", which only changes once the website is loaded.

In any case, this seems impossible to get to work, so I'll have to return to IE again, where this works without problems (except for it being IE).

Thank you.
Christian Studer   2016-11-10 15:07
You could try changing the DELAY_APPSTART option on line 7, by default the script waits for 5 seconds before giving up looking for the window, maybe that's not enough.

Christian Studer -
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