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RJ   2017-01-10 18:18
Windows 10, select Standard taskbar. (Under options)
Open program and move to secondary monitor

All windows open show on primary monitor's taskbar and NO windows are shows on the secondary taskbar

Works great on Win 7 -- can't get the taskbar to show just what is on that monitors taskbar with Win10
Christian Studer   2017-01-11 02:41
Which version of UltraMon are you using?

Christian Studer -
RJ   2017-01-11 03:46
Christian Studer   2017-01-11 15:52
Do you have this issue with all applications, for example also Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer?

Christian Studer -
RJ   2017-01-11 16:11
All applications
Christian Studer   2017-01-12 15:53
Not sure what might cause this, are you sure Mode under UltraMon Options > Taskbar Extensions is set to Standard?

Christian Studer -
RJ   2017-01-12 16:44
RJ   2017-01-12 17:13
More testing only happening with ONE app! I tried different compatibility settings with no luck :(. It is some medical software. Worked under Win7, Strange!!
Randy   2017-01-12 18:54
Looks like a Windows 10 bug. Removed UltraMon and same problem. Too bad UltraMon can't overrider to OS.
Christian Studer   2017-01-13 03:54
On Windows 8 and later the built-in multi-monitor taskbar gets used, UltraMon doesn't add its own taskbars.

Looks like UltraMon on Windows 7 handles this application correctly, but the Windows 10 taskbar doesn't. You could ask the application developer or Microsoft to look into this, most likely the application works in a non-standard way which isn't supported by the Windows 10 taskbar.

Christian Studer -
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