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Forums -> UltraMon™ -> Are you planning to release a new version soon?
tetsuya kubo   2017-01-11 20:47
Are you planning to release a new version soon?
Also, is it windows 10 compliant?
Christian Studer   2017-01-12 15:58
The next release has been delayed, but should be ready in the first half of this year.

3.3.0 works fine on Windows 10, though there are a couple of minor issues, for example the UltraMon window buttons don't match the look of the native buttons. Those issues should be fixed in the next release.

Christian Studer -
tetsuya kubo   2017-01-24 20:46
thank you for your answer.
I am looking forward to it.
Aniral Venom   2017-02-18 13:50
does french translation gone to be whit the next version

Amiral Venom
Christian Studer   2017-02-20 01:26
Only if a user is interested in doing one, there is no official French version of UltraMon.

Christian Studer -
Johnny   2017-05-17 18:43
When is the next version of ultramon being released?

Christian Studer   2017-05-18 19:17
Should be ready around end of June.

Christian Studer -
G8351427   2017-06-12 09:22
I hope so.

I just started looking at competing products today, out of frustration with the lack of development with UltraMon.

I am seriously considering DisplayFusion as an option. It appears to do everything UltraMon does, and then some. It might not be a bad featureset benchmark for UltraMon to pursue.
Stefan   2017-06-14 12:48
What new features can we expect to see in the new version other than matching buttons? I have been using a trial version of Actual Multiple Monitors because I got sick of the non-matching UltraMon buttons in Win10. I am REALLY looking forward to the new UltraMon. My AMM trial expires at the end of June so as long as the UltraMon release doesn't get delayed the timing is perfect!
Christian Studer   2017-06-15 14:22
No new features, this will be about improved Windows 10 support and bug fixes.

Christian Studer -
Edward Jones   2017-06-16 09:58
With the Windows 10 release can you make the price $10 to $15. $40 is too expensive in 2017 if you're buying from the United States. You can get a decent laptop for $300 today.
Joe   2017-06-22 00:38
End of June is no longer up to date, right?
Is there already a new release date?
Joe   2017-07-19 11:11
Or End of June 2018
Forums -> UltraMon™ -> Are you planning to release a new version soon?

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