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Forums -> UltraMon™ -> DeskTop or TRAY Icon to trigger Mirror Start and stop.
Stephen S   2017-03-09 16:55
In UlrtaMon there is a Mirroring feature.

We have developed a new Limousine with LED ceiling and walls that has monitors of many shapes and sizes. Not All visible here as this video is only the ceiling. You can see it here

As you can see motion moves through the walls . As a secondary application we want to be able to play Music Videos on all the Monitors Simultaneously.
We are using Windows 10 Pro

The UlrtaMon Mirroring feature is the BEST solution we have found for being able to project music videos from the touch screen onto all the monitors

So here is the Problem ……
The entire system is run by a touch screen using desktop icons to trigger events.
In the Mirroring feature the START and STOP unfortunately is embedded in the Icon tray that requires you to Right Mouse click and then move through sub menus to get to the START and STOP feature. Right mouse clicking a touch screen is difficult ..especially in a moving car.

Is it possible to write a script that could be applied to a desktop icon that could trigger the Start and Stop of the mirror feature from a desk top icon.
Or is it possible to create one or two more TRAY ICONS that simply when tapped would trigger the Mirror START and STOP.

Our problem is that when your riding in a moving car it is difficult to do multi touch actions with menus because your bouncing around.

Is there a solution? Or do you know anyone that can create a solution?

Christian Studer   2017-03-10 14:56
The ToggleMirroring2 script should do what you want, this starts mirroring if it isn't already running, and otherwise stops it. You could either place the script directly on the desktop, or create a shortcut to it.

Christian Studer -
Forums -> UltraMon™ -> DeskTop or TRAY Icon to trigger Mirror Start and stop.

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