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Forums -> UltraMon™ -> Overlapping display numbers and other weirdness.
Ben   2017-05-12 11:04
System Specs:
Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
MSI X99A XPower Gaming Titanium
Intel i7-6850k
NVidia Geforce GTX 1080TI
NVidia NVS 810
NVidia NVS 810
NVidia NVS 810
32GB PC4-19200
Samsung EVO 850 2TB
24 1920x1080 displays, 8 on each NVS 810
2 1280x1024 displays on the the 1080TI
1 1920x1024 display on the 1080TI
Ultramon v3.3.0

I'm trying to run 27 displays with no mirroring. All of the displays should be set to 720p, which is why I'm using ultramon. I've gotten this working in the past, but, with zero software updates or such, the system has stopped working properly. It can run 20 of the displays on the 810s without problem, but as soon as I activate the last 810 core (each card is a dual processor card, with each processor powering 4 displays), strange, seemingly random things start happening. Among many others:

* Displays will start being duplicated instead of extended, and Ultramon will be unable to set them to extended.

* The "Slave" displays of the duplicated displays will be shown as "off" in ultramon.

* The master and slave duplicated displays will have both the master and the slave display numbers overlapping each other when the "identify" box is checked in Ultramon.

* A display or two on the last to be enable 810 core will not be turned on, and ultramon cannot turn it on.

* Regardless of what the resolution was set to for each display, some or all of the displays will be set to their native resolution, and ultramon will not be able to change any of their resolutions.

In all cases where I say that Ultramon will be unable to do something, I mean that I can, in Ultramon, change settings and hit apply, but nothing will be changed even after clicking "accept changes" when the timed revert box pops up. Has anyone seen anything like this before?
Christian Studer   2017-05-13 04:28
Please run CcdInfo and EnumDisp and send me the generated log files to

BTW, does Windows Display Properties still only show the first 10 monitors? This used to be the case with Windows XP, but I've never used more than 10 monitors on later versions of Windows.

Christian Studer -
Ben   2017-05-15 11:11
Email sent. I sent two of each, one pair created when five of the 810 procs were running (23 physical displays), and one pair created when all six of the 810 procs were running (27 physical displays). The reason for that is that the system is stable and working as intended when only 5 of the 810 procs is running, but the strange symptoms I mentioned previously start occurring when the last 810 proc is enabled and outputting.

Windows Display Properties does show all the displays in both cases. Seems MS got around to addressing that. The problem is that, once more than 15 or so displays are active, the Windows Display Properties applet itself crashes to desktop often. Usually, I can get it open to see that the applet is recognizing all the displays, and can have it identify them (even seeing that some of them are duplicated when they are erroneously doing so), but it will crash the vast majority of the time I try to change anything.

Ben Wilson
Forums -> UltraMon™ -> Overlapping display numbers and other weirdness.

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