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FredpNM   2017-05-27 20:23
I'm running Windows 10 Pro, Ver 1703 with 16GB RAM
I use twin Samsung SyncMaster P2770 27" monitors via a Nvidia GeForce GT640 with 4GB of Memory Driver 382.33 (the most current)
I run UltraMon 3.3.0

I use the UltraMon ScreenSaver function. After installing Wins 10 V1703 monitor number 2 drops its custom calibration (reverts to default instead). Reloading the calibration file is successful until the next time the Screensaver is activated, either with HotKeys or via the timer. Monitor number does not lose it calibration under the same conditions.

Any suggestions?

Fred P
Christian Studer   2017-05-28 13:54
Seems unlikely that this would be related to UltraMon, my guess would be a Windows or display driver issue. To confirm this, check if you have the same issue when using a different screen saver, for example Ribbons.

Christian Studer -
Forums -> UltraMon™ -> Second Monitor loses calibration

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