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Ascii2   2017-11-02 14:53
Before UltraMon 3.0.0, the UltraMon window buttons would behave and move as if they were normally part of the window itself. As of UltraMon 3.0.0, this is no longer the case and I would consider it to be a regression.

For UltraMon 3.3.0, I have noticed that window buttons have the following issues:
Clicking and holding action does not preserve after clicking and holding UltraMon window buttons then dragging the mouse pointer away, then back to buttons again. Further, if then the mouse button is released the UltraMon window button action is not performed.
There is a momentary delay in the appearance of UltraMon window buttons when a window appears on the screen.
There is a delay in the disappearing of UltraMon window buttons when closing a window. The UltraMon window buttons remain for a moment after a window is closed.
Button relative positioning to standard windows buttons is not preserved when a window is being moved. It is as if the UltraMon window buttons lag behind and have to catch up to the window that they are supposed to be attached to.

These issues are worse for windows that are normally slower to properly display on the screen such as those for the Firefox software web browser and its forks.

I would request that the level of quality with regards to the behavior of the UltraMon window buttons be at least like that from UltraMon 2.7.1.

I am using UltraMon 3.3.0 on Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3.
Christian Studer   2017-11-02 16:12
I'm seeing that as well with Firefox on XP, but currently there are no plans to look into this further as this is only an issue with specific applications and doesn't occur on newer versions of Windows.

Christian Studer -
Ascii2   2017-11-02 21:29
Christian Studer, I find that the issues appear to apply to all applications; it is just that Firefox and related applications seems to be slower to have the graphical elements drawn to the screen so it is more noticeable.

I tested the issues in a VMWare virtual machine running Windows Vista Ultimate with Service Pack 2 with UltraMon 3.3.0 and have been able to verify that all the issues that I mentioned in the post post to this thread manifest. The issues do not appear to be be limited to Windows XP.

I am not sure if it matters, but I am using nVidia-based graphics hardware with nVidia drivers. The Windows Vista virtual machine was the VMWare SVGA 3D virtual hardware and driver.

I do ask that the the issues be further looked into.
Christian Studer   2017-11-04 14:11
I doubt that this is related to the video card, I'm using Nvidia cards on my main system, and ATI and Intel chipsets on other systems.

Not sure what would cause this for you, but I'm not seeing this on XP with applications such as Notepad, Calculator or Registry Editor.

Christian Studer -
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