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Forums -> UltraMon™ -> Amd Eyefinity ignores UM settings
Eric Taylor   2017-11-26 13:42
I’ve got 3 monitors on a(gigabyte/amd) rx 460 card. Two are 1920x1080 and one is an older AOC that natively prefers 1680x1050, but can be set to 1920x1080.

I’m trying to use AMD’s Eyefinity software to make it appear to be 1 large monitor, so I can play games on 3 screens (that otherwise only will use 1 monitor).

So, in UM, I can set up 2 profiles, with monitors side by side as follows:

[1920x1080] [1920x1080] [1920x1080]
[1680x1050] [1680x1050] [1680x1050]

Either of these 2 settings should then use the same resolution on each monitor. These work correcly until I try to use Eyefinity.

When I try to set this up, Eyefinity always uses each monitor’s "native" resolution, and creates the following display group regardless of what I have setup in UM:

[1920x1080] [1920x1080] [1680x1050]

This messes up the positions of some items in games, like on screen messages and maps, which end up across 2 monitors instead of on the center monitor only. I'm running GTA-V in particular.

Is there anything in UM that I could use to fix this? Some script thing? I'm not even sure how it determines the favored resolution of my AOC monitor. I've got it connected to the display port with a DP-dvi adapter and a dvi-dvi cable.

Does UM have any support for creating a single large display?
Christian Studer   2017-11-27 09:59
UltraMon can't help with this, it also can't create a single large display, this needs to be handled by the display driver.

Christian Studer -
Forums -> UltraMon™ -> Amd Eyefinity ignores UM settings

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