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Chris   2018-02-18 07:48
I am a trial user, not currently a paid user.

I have a secondary USB monitor connected to Windows 10 laptop with DisplayLink driver/application.

I want the functionality that MirrorMon provides, specifically, to use the USB monitor to display information to D&D players. I want to control the contents of that display from my primary laptop display without having to see the secondary display.

MirrorMon appears to be a stand alone application that does this. Testing with just MirrorMon + DisplayLink appeared promising. However, after turning on Mirror Mouse Pointer, the mouse pointer in the USB display was not synchronized with the pointer in the MirrorMon windows.

Any suggestions before I start trying various permutations of UltraMon (32 bit vs 64 bit) + MirrorMon (32 bit only) + DisplayLink?
Christian Studer   2018-02-18 14:45
I would check the max update speed, you can see the current setting by turning on the status bar via the View menu.

UltraMon always needs to have the same bitness as the version of Windows you're using, you can't install the 32-bit version on 64-bit Windows and vice versa.

Christian Studer -
Chris   2018-02-18 17:45
Went up to 60 fps, still didn't work. It looks to me like a scaling issue. In the window showing the mirrored display, I move the mouse all the way to the left edge (secondary monitor left of primary), but on the real secondary display, mouse pointer has only moved about 80% across the display. Same with going top to bottom. The result is very consistent.
Christian Studer   2018-02-19 14:35
What's your display configuration, and how is MirrorMon set up? You can get the current display configuration from UltraMon menu > About.

Also let me know the text size settings you're using for each monitor, you can see this under UltraMon menu > Windows Display Properties, select a monitor then look at Size of Text under Scale and Layout.

Christian Studer -
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