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stevod   2003-04-18 07:28
I have written a bespoke VB app which does a bit-map capture of different IE6-displayed web pages which are then stored as gifs for later use.

I am currently using a single TFT monitor which loads a page into IE6, fixed at 1024x768 window size. The software then captures the IE window using an "CaptureWindow(IE.hwnd, 0, 0, 1024, 768)" API call. The IE6 instance then loads and captures the next page and so on.

I'd like to write software which uses, say, four monitors and the multimonitor support in XP to create a large desktop of 2048x1536 and display/capture 4 IE instances broadly in parallel, to reduce the capture time for a given set of pages. However I don't really need to see all the displays as the software runs unattended. Can I use a quad-video card (e.g. Matrix G200) to set up a large 2048x1536 desktop, position 4xIE instances at {0,0}, {0,768}, {1024, 0} and {1024, 768} but but only connect a single 1024x768 monitor, or will XP only detect the single monitor and hence prevent me setting up the large desktop? Is there any way round this?

Any other thoughts on how I could accomplish the parallel capture of multiple HTML pages at 1024x768 in IE6?

Christian Studer   2003-04-18 10:23
A quad card with only a single monitor connected should work fine.

From my experience, only single-chipset dualhead cards will actually detect if a monitor is connected or not.

BTW, if you only need to support XP, take a look at the PrintWindow API. This should allow you to capture from windows hidden behind other windows as well.

Christian Studer -
stevod   2003-04-18 19:06
Great, thanks.

The MSDN documentation on PrintWindow is a bit sparse. Is there any other material or is it just trial and error.

Christian Studer   2003-04-18 21:40
I'm not aware of a PrintWindow sample.

Christian Studer -
Dave Ferguson   2003-10-08 00:41
Have you had any issues with garbling of images on multiple instances of IE each running on seperate monitors. I have been struggling with this problem as mentioned on a seperate thread.
If you are willing maybe we could swap email addresses and brainstorm on this a bit.

Dave Ferguson
Forums -> UltraMon™ SDK -> large desktop without multiple monitors connected

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