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Scootmien   2018-09-19 15:20
I have three Acer monitors, all at the same resolution. My middle monitor is designated as the primary monitor. My middle and left monitors are connected with DisplayPort and my right monitor is connected by DVI-D. All through a Gigabyte GTX 1080Ti

I have my taskbar and many of my windows opening on the right monitor (browser, email etc).

When my homebuilt Win10 PC wakes from sleep, all the windows and my taskbar are now on my middle monitor. This only just started happening. I have no idea what is causing it but it's doung my head in having to keep moving them all over constantly.

Any advice gratefully received please.
Christian Studer   2018-09-21 15:44
Not sure what might cause this, I've done some testing but so far haven't seen this, system was Windows 10 version 1803 with one monitor connected via DVI, the other via HDMI (where Windows also detects if the monitor is turned off or not, same as with DisplayPort).

Christian Studer -
Barney   2018-09-24 06:45
Happens to me 100% with 2 monitors connected to each of the 2 displayport conections on a GTX 970. Thought it was normal Win10 problem. They're almost always in portrait mode. Sometimes the windows may be resized as if the orientation had changed.
In case it's related, sometimes I enable a screensaver (blank screens) via Ultramon shortcut, which causes Dell display manager to put the monitors to sleep (turns off backlight). Almost always the secondary monitor's backlight turns back on after a minute or 2. I wake it and enable the screensaver again, then it (usually) stays off. Sometimes much later it will turn back on.
All this is avoided if I disable the secondary monitor via an Ultramon shortcut before I leave it overnight.
Barney   2018-10-06 18:34
FWIW, I believe this is a hardware issue. It always seemed to me that the secondary monitor was being disabled at some point between saving the sleep settings, waking to the login screen, and logging back in that forced the taskbar and any windows open on the secondary to be moved to the primary.

I just changed the account settings to not require a login from wake. I clicked on sleep, woke it, and my taskbar remained on the secondary. I sometimes toggle between sleep settings, normally sleep after 3 hours, sometimes choosing sleep after 1 minute (when I have a program that prevents sleep and will run for hours). I had it sleep after 1 minute, and when I woke it, BSOD. I put it back to login after wake and I'm done. If anyone wants to try changing their account settings to not require login after wake, give it a shot.
Forums -> UltraMon™ -> Taskbar moves to primary monitor upon wake from sleep

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