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Forums -> UltraMon™ SDK -> Image refresh garbled in IE on 5 monitors
Dave Ferguson   2003-10-02 03:48
I am launching 5 instance of Internet explorer with a web page for displaying a single image. Each IE instance is moved to a seperate montitor.

On a seperate control monitor I run a slide show which assigns new images to each of the monitors running
monitor1.IE.Document.getElementById("idata").src = imageArray[imageIdx].src;

If I immediately assign another image to another monitor then both images are garbled as the system IE instances attempt to draw them simultaneously.
monitor2.IE.Document.getElementById("idata").src = imageArray[imageIdx++].src;

The problem gets worse as I add more monitors.

The solution so far was to set a timer between assigning images so that the images load sequentially however, I would prefer that the all the images load at the same time.

Is this a OS, IE , Ultramon or video card problem? What's the fix?

Dave Ferguson
Christian Studer   2003-10-02 04:06
Sounds like an IE or display driver problem.

Please test if you have the same problem when manually positioning the IE windows and then starting the slideshow.

Christian Studer -
Dave Ferguson   2003-10-08 00:35
Thank you for your quick reply.
You are correct it is an IE problem.
Running 5 apps at once is too much strain on available resources. Timers a kludgy. I'll look into using framesets.

The orginal reason for using seperate instances of IE is that I could get the HWnd via
m.IE = new ActiveXObject("InternetExplorer.Application");
and then use it to assign the window to a monitor.

I would really like to position each frame or window in an individual monitor. Can individual windows from withing an app even be moved to a separte monitor or is this just too bizarre?

If I use a frame based solution or call win= new Window("imagedisplay.htm") from a HTA window based how can I get the hwnd?

Dave Ferguson
Christian Studer   2003-10-08 11:44
If you can give the new window a different caption, you could then assign it to an UltraMon window object using the Window::Find method.

Christian Studer -
Forums -> UltraMon™ SDK -> Image refresh garbled in IE on 5 monitors

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