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Avi   2003-11-19 20:01
Hi Christian,

First - some praise:

1. I really enjoy using UltraMon, and I find it greatly enhances my productivity!

2. Researching the Developer Edition forum, I saw that you answered an "how to" question from someone who couldn't afford your licensing cost - I think that was pretty nice of you!

3. That very answer solved some very interesting issue for me: You may recall that I asked whether Spector - a screen capturing software, would work with dual monitors, and later I reported that it wouldn't? Then I may try and do it myself using this API - seems interesting!

4. Searching for PrintWindow led me to this article: "Using Windows XP Visual Styles and PrintWindow in Windows Applications", which explained how the Windows XP Power Toy Task Switcher works - a real favorite of mine...

Well, with so much praise there's no room for quesions - I'll move them to the next topic :-)
blueznl   2003-12-29 21:22
snagit works on some dual configs
Forums -> UltraMon™ SDK -> Praise and Questions

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