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Avi   2003-11-19 20:28
Hi Christian,

I am writing an application that interacts with the user through two (user interface, on the screen, not programmer's message pumping :-) windows.

Modeling the UI on my computer, I notice I tend to work with two maximized windows, one on each monitor. So I plan to develop the application as two SDI applications communicating with each other (and maybe with a third application controlling them) (the alternative would be to use one main window and docking/floating windows as in Visual Studio, Visio etc.).

Would you say that the SDK provides me with a significant value in such a scenario? If so, why and how should I use it? I'm sorry if that's trivial but I just couldn't figure it out from the documentation (and I even downloaded the SDK's chm to try to figure it out).
Christian Studer   2003-11-20 05:04
Depends on your needs. Getting information about installed monitors isn't that difficult to do using the Windows API (see Programming Basics for details), but it's still easier with UltraMon.

Changing settings is much easier with UltraMon than with the Windows API. Additional advantages are the monitor control, and your application will integrate very well with UltraMon, for example it will honor UltraMon's ignored monitors setting.

BTW, if your application will only be used on systems which have UltraMon installed, you don't need the Developer Edition. This is only necessary if you want to distribute UltraMon components together with your application.

Christian Studer -
Avi   2003-11-21 01:30
I don't think I'm getting it.

Let's say that the only feature that interests me is the window management / smart task bar aspects of UltraMon (inc. those cute, tipless icons on top of windows ;-). So, what you are saying is that using the developer's edition will let windows of my program behave "As IF" Ultramon was installed?
Christian Studer   2003-11-21 10:13
The Developer Edition only contains a small subset of UltraMon features, the Smart Taskbar, window buttons, wallpaper etc. are not included.

The Developer Edition is intended for developers who are looking for an easy-to-use multi-monitor API with some additional features.

Christian Studer -
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