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Forums -> UltraMon™ -> Powersave causes pages to resize! ARGH!
glenn   2004-04-03 15:58
I use two monitors and setup trading software that stretches across both monitors. Each time the monitors go into powersave mode the "dual screen" programs need to be resized as they have been set back to one screen automatically by either XP or Ultramon.
Any clue what 2 do?

Christian Studer   2004-04-04 08:29
Seems to be an issue with Windows, also happens without UltraMon running.

As a workaround, I have uploaded two scripts, one saves the current window layout, the other restores it:

You'll need to run SaveWndPos.vbs before going on standby, and RestoreWndPos.vbs after resuming from standby.

An automatic workaround will be considered for UltraMon 3.

Christian Studer -
OffBeatMammal   2006-04-03 20:56
just wondering if this is going to make it to v3 (when's that due by the way?)

my interest is both to make sure windows stay where I want them but also when on my laptop I add/remove a second display they can get automagically shunted back to the second window if that's where I like them....

Random Thoughts
Christian Studer   2006-04-04 01:27
The first beta for UltraMon 3 is currently under development, but I don't have a release date yet.

I don't know yet if this feature will be added or not.

Christian Studer -
E9   2006-08-14 15:26
I think this would be a good feature to add to UltraMon 3 and very useful. Even better if it could be done from the ultamon menu in the programs on a program by program basis.
Todd   2007-10-25 05:51
It would be nice if window positions could be saved before the monitor resolution is switched and restored when switching back to the same resolution. This would be useful when playing a game at a different resolution or after having logged in via remote desktop with a different resolution.

Another useful feature would be to have scripts accessible through the system tray menu rather than only through hot keys.


Christian Studer   2007-10-25 10:34
Thanks for your suggestion.

Launching scripts via the UltraMon menu is already possible, you can copy any type of file to the Display Profiles or Shortcuts folders used by UltraMon, and UltraMon will then show that file on the Display Profiles or Shortcuts menu.

Christian Studer -
schex86   2008-03-05 04:04
Has there been any progress on this for Ultramon 3? I'm running into into this same issue, and while it is only a minor annoyance, it would be nice if it could be fixed.
Christian Studer   2008-03-05 10:30
Not yet, there's no automatic workaround for this in the latest beta.

Christian Studer -
Brett   2009-01-13 03:15
Still no work around in the current beta?

From the scripting level, the ability to remember multiple positions would be very nice. I would like to establish window positions for each profile I have. Ideally that would be attached to each profile, but the ability to do it through scripting would be acceptable.
Christian Studer   2009-01-13 04:12
3.0.4 has nothing new in this regard.

Christian Studer -
Al Bsharah   2009-10-22 07:37
Can this script be used to store multiple positions and recover them?

I tried changing the "1" after sys.SavePositions to a "2" thinking it might work, but it gives me an error.

I need to store multiple window configurations and rotate through them. The reality is that I have 4 LCD monitors controlled by one PC in a NOC and to avoid burn-in, I want to rotate the applications on each screen per schedule. So, I'd have 4 configurations saved, and would call each one individually on a schedule to achieve what I'm looking for.

Is there an easy way to accomplish this? Using this script, or another?

Christian Studer   2009-10-22 08:57
That's not directly supported, UltraMon only saves a single set of window positions. What you could do is save the registry key with the window positions for each configuration, then load that key before running the script, but that's a bit complicated to set up, and you would need to redo this every time you restart the system or an application because UltraMon stores window handles, which are different every time the application gets started.

Do your applications have fixed window captions (same caption every time the app gets started), and each application has a different caption? If yes, a better solution might be a custom script which looks for the application by window caption, and moves each application to the next monitor. Let me know if you would be interested in such a script.

Christian Studer -
Al Bsharah   2009-10-23 04:51
Hi Christian, thanks for the quick reply!

I'd definitely be interested in a script like that, as the applications should have consistent window names. I actually found a script to do this on the site yesterday, but could not get it to work at all... (nor could the guy in the thread)

Would love for this option, I think it would work great!

Christian Studer   2009-10-23 10:06
I have uploaded a script which does this: RotateApps

Please note that you'll need to terminate the script via Task Manager (terminate wscript.exe).

Christian Studer -
Forums -> UltraMon™ -> Powersave causes pages to resize! ARGH!

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