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Eric   2004-05-24 08:31
Can you push apps to specific monitors with the Developer edition?

Eric C. Tomlinson
Christian Studer   2004-05-24 08:45
Yes, take a look at the window object. There are also two VBScript samples which demonstrate this using Notepad.

Christian Studer -
Rob   2005-04-06 07:51
I've written a fairly complex multiple form, full screen app in VB6 and would like to know how easy it is to use Ultramon to make sure that it always plays on an additional monitor (extended monitor).

I see the examples in VBScript and I have downloaded the trial version of the Developers edition of Ultramon. Not entirely sure that I have the thing set up properly though as the instructions seem to be a bit thin on the ground.
Rob   2005-04-06 07:52
Aplologies - just seen the online setup instructions
Rob   2005-04-06 08:33
Aplologies - just seen the online setup instructions
Rob   2005-04-07 02:21
I would be very grateful if you could advise me on this question. My multiple form VB6 App plays full screen (forms have border property set to 0 - none).

There is a good reason for this as the application is developed to run as a continuous slideshow with dynamic content and I do not want the effect to be lessened by playing within a window.

What I would like to know is - is there any way that I can force this application to run entirely on monitor 2 of an extended monitor setup? (either by using ultramon or similar or even using the developer kit to code the forms to move).

This way the app can be played on a projector while i retain control of the desktop.

Many thanks in advance for your help

Rob Day
Christian Studer   2005-04-08 03:38

The best way to do this is to move and size the form during the load event so that the form covers the secondary monitor.

You could use UltraMon to get the position and size of the secondary monitor.

Here is a sample implementation of a form load event handler:

Private Sub Form_Load() Dim sys As New UltraMonSystem Dim mon As ULTRAMONLib.IUltraMonMonitor Set mon = sys.Monitors("2") Form1.Left = mon.Left * Screen.TwipsPerPixelX Form1.Top = mon.Top * Screen.TwipsPerPixelY Form1.Width = mon.Width * Screen.TwipsPerPixelX Form1.Height = mon.Height * Screen.TwipsPerPixelY End Sub

You'll need to add a reference to the UltraMon 2.0 type library to your project for the sample code to work.

Christian Studer -

Forums -> UltraMon™ SDK -> Pushing Apps to a specific display

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