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Christian Studer   2004-06-14 00:25
Symantec's pcAnywhere is one of the few remote control applications with multi-monitor support. I have tested the support for multiple monitors on both the remote and local system, read the review here.

Christian Studer -
ecarlson   2004-06-14 11:14
Thanks for the review.

- Eric
Nate   2004-06-15 13:03
Don't forget that VNC also works with multiple monitors.
ecarlson   2004-06-15 13:59
Which of the many variations of VNC supports multiple monitors?

- Eric,
Nate   2004-06-15 19:16
True, there are many VNC variants out there. I've mostly used RealVNC 3.6, 3.7. UltraVNC also works but atleast on my system it's less stable. This was done with several different ATI Radeon cards.
Nate   2004-06-15 19:35
Looks like my memory is a little fuzzy. I'm actually running RealVNC 4.
Pine   2004-06-15 20:23
RealVNC 3.3.7 is my pick of the litter. no problems there.
ecarlson   2004-06-16 09:14
I use RAdmin 2.1 because it's so darn stable, reliable, quick, and simple, both to install and use. (I also use the Beta 3.0 viewer, for the added features.) It has built-in 128.bit encryption, file transfers, remote command prompt, remote shutdown, and only costs $35 per every 2 computers. Unfortunately, it doesn't support multi-monitors, and the 3.0 server piece, which promises multi-monitor support, is already a couple years late for release, and isn't even in Beta.

I used VNC extensively a number of years ago. I loved the price, but it was buggy and finicky, and sometimes caused my servers to crash, and didn't have any encryption or file transfer, so it required a VPN connection for use from outside the firewall, and some other method of file transfer. If the latest VNC has overcome all these issues, maybe I'll have to give another try.

- Eric,
Thomas   2004-06-22 19:32
Hi altogether,

I am currently trying to remote a dual monitor workstation using pcAnywhere 11.
Both the local and remote system have dual monitor. The systems run under w2k server and winXP.

I was so glad finding the review ( to know it works in general.

But I still have the problem that the dual screen of the remote system is only shown one screen of the local system, the second monitor stays blue.

Does anybody have an idea how I get both monitors of the remote system on both monitors of the local sytems ? I checked all settings twice but I didn't get the point why the second monitor stays blue.

thanks in advance Thomas
wbarber69   2004-06-25 01:56
vnc 4 works as well
BobG   2004-08-17 08:50
Is multi-monitor support new with version 11? I did not see it listed as new functionality in their release notes. I have version 10.5 and am unaware of any multi-monitor support, or how to turn it on. Symantec's FAQ states they do not support viewing multi-monitor hosts on remote PCs, only the Primary monitor would be visible.(see
BobG   2004-08-20 03:37
Thanks, Christian for your quick response and great review! I downloaded Symantec PcAnywhere 11.5 Beta (, and the multi-monitor support works great and is automatic.
Gary Roussak   2004-11-10 05:21

I have PC-Anywhere 11.0.2 and regularly dial in to provide a customer with remote support. He has a Dell with a dual-monitor graphics card and two Dell 17" flat screens. I have never yet managed to see both screens and it is a real pain!

I've read your article but am none the wiser. The only way I can see the second screen is by going to Windows Display Properties and selecting screen #2. The trouble is I then can't get open up Display Properties again because it comes up on screen #1 and I'm now on screen #2 !!

Can you point me in the right direction ?
Christian Studer   2004-11-10 06:45
Unfortunately I don't know what the problem might be, for me it's been completely automatic, the client always showed the complete remote desktop (all 3 monitors), without changing any options.

Christian Studer -
Gary Roussak   2004-11-11 01:09

In that case, the only other question I can think of asking you is whether you did anything special on the remote site. By that, I'm thinking of stuff relating to the Windows 'Display Settings' applet, rather than pcAnywhere. The remote dual-monitor card in our case is nVidia GE-Force FX-5400. I know nVidia has a lot of menus and options in its 'Advanced' tab -- perhaps you had to set desktop management up in a certain way ?

Christian Studer   2004-11-11 04:27
No special settings on the remote system as far as I remember, the Nvidia card was using standard DualView mode, and the nView Desktop Manager was disabled.

Christian Studer -
Josh Nisly   2004-11-20 05:40
Just curious: could Ultramon provide something like this for Remote Desktop? I use Remote Desktop often stretched across both monitors, but then Windows sees it as a single, very wide monitor. Could Ultramon detect that and tell Windows that it's actually two monitors?
GH   2005-01-05 09:07
Just saw your posting. I have come across the same thing of not being able to see the second nVidia display when using VNC connections. I got it to work by not using the Dualview and instead selecting the Horizontal Span. This spreads out the XP desktop across both monitors and then can be seen by VNC.

NOTE: Windows remote Desktop still does not allow the viewing of multi-monitors even with these changes.

Kirk   2005-02-12 05:04
Laplink 12 is my prefered remote control software.

I have tried PCAnywhere 11 and Carbon Copy. Carbon Copy was an affordable alternative when owned by Compag but is now too expensive. PCAnwhere 11 has dismal if not useless file transfer functionality plus other annoying bugs and limitations. I tried all 3 extensively and Laplink was the best hands down as well as more affordable.

Laplink currently does not support more than 1 monitor on the controlled machine, but it behaves better than any of the others when running on other than my primary monitor. Most of my remote control is done to a single monitor machine and I prefer to run it on a secondary monitor. Laplink was the only software that properly supported full screen operation on other than the primary display. It annoyingly changes to windowed mode when you do something on another monitor, but can quickly be changed back to full screen. I tend to prefer controlling another computer by having my monitor at a larger screen size and using windowed mode anyway. I often control more than one machine at a time on my LAN, and often get calls from family and friends to fix their problems. I do not have to leave the comfort of my computer workstation to manage everything. Leaving my primary monitor open for my use allows me to get my work done while waiting for the remote machines to finish their operations.

Maybe someone with PCAnywhere currently installed on their machine will provide feedback on its behavior when run on a secondary monitor and at full screen on a secondary monitor. I no longer have it installed as generally having more than 1 remote software installed causes problems.

ECarlson   2005-02-12 11:30
RAdmin, at least with the 3.0 Beta viewer (which is much better than the 2.x viewer if you control dozens of computers), can go full screen fine on the second monitor (assuming that second monitor is the same res as the controlled computer's screen).

- Eric,
chris   2005-05-25 04:09
RealVNC is faster and cheaper (alot cheaper), but pcAnywhere's 256-bit encryption makes it my pick of the litter.

Btw, dont do what I did and try and install 9.x on XP (pcanywhere install note)
Donna   2005-12-05 11:33
Has anyone reached a solution to using dual monitors both on the remote & host computers using Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection? I have connected, but can only see about 2/3 of the 2nd monitor. Does anyone have any suggestions?

SC   2006-02-01 16:36 works with remote computers with multiple monitors and it is a free service. Once, connected, you can view both remote monitors on one local screen or stretch the window across multiple local screens.
Tantalus   2006-02-01 23:59
>> works with remote computers with multiple monitors and it is a free service

fyi...just pointing out that the above is NOT free. they have a free trial but after that's over, you would need to pay.

never used it so i can't comment on how well (or not) it works...
SC   2006-02-02 06:01
Sign up for LogMeIn FREE and it is always free.

Tantalus, give it a try before commenting on something you know nothing about.
Tantalus   2006-02-03 02:16
SC, then you should have provided the correct link, you dumba$$.
SC   2006-02-03 14:22
All my links are correct. The second link is on the very front page of If losers like you can't find it then that's logmein's problem. Winners like me will find logmein's service useful.

Hee, hee, I hurt you, Tantalus ("Tanta-loser").
Jim Harkins   2006-08-01 02:20
DameWare Development's, Mini Remote Control supports multiple monitors as well as offers a Mirror Driver for fast screen updates.

Jim Harkins
helper_robot   2006-08-02 01:20
Agreeing about Logmein. I definitely think it's the superior service, and its absolutely free. Do your research! :P
Greg   2006-09-01 03:16
Does anyone know if it is possible to see both remote monitors using Microsoft Systems Management Server?
Chris   2007-02-13 04:10
Odd question:

When I remote into PC, I can see a scale model of the remote desktop in a little window on my pc. I wonder if there is a way to view a scaled down window of desktop contents of local pc, without doing remote connection. Sort of a magnifier app, or something.
vipul   2009-01-11 17:54
how/where to download from and use
ECarlson   2009-01-13 14:13
With the newer Remote Desktop client versions, you can use the /SPAN switch to span your local monitors with the remote host system's virtual display.

With Remote Desktop, you aren't looking at the local console: You are viewing a virtual display that is independent of the local display hardware. With some versions of Windows hosts (Windows 2003 and others), you can use the /CONSOLE or newer /ADMIN switch to view a virtual representation of the local console session if necessary.

Also, RADMIN 3.x can handle multiple monitors, and it sees the actual host console session, not a virtual session like Remote Desktop.

- Eric,
Curt   2009-03-25 07:41
I'm new to this stuff. With PCAnywhere do I have to purchase a copy of the software for each computer I want to control?
ecarlson   2009-03-25 14:09
Did you even bother to look at the PCAnywhere web page. It is answered right in the first full paragraph on the front page.

Any reason you are going for such an expensive program when much less expensive, and even free options are available?

- Eric,
Jonna   2011-02-10 04:00
Anybody had any luck with Logmein and utilizing the UltraMon for dual monitors??

Pocketclits   2011-05-02 14:08
I'm trying to do the same thing where I can get the dual monitors on the host computer to show just as they do at the host on my local computer.....I once saw an old IT Consultant friend of mine do this, however I cannot replicate what he did???? I believe he held control or shift and pressed the maximize button to initiate it....but that's not working for me. The help documentation doesn't mention it either!?!? Please let me know if anyone out there knows how to do this as I really need this ability

Roger Grnad   2014-03-20 20:52
Yeah, Christian. PCAnywhere is one of the best leading remote access software solutions by Symantec. But as much as I liked it, I still preferred using RHUB`s remote support appliance b/c it provides me 6 collaboration apps in one box. Just like one stop shop.
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