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Franco   2004-10-28 16:15
I have un App (.EXE) that run in Kiosk mode (fullscreen), this App have video, images , and music, and is controled by a infrared remote control.
I need run 3 instances of this App on 3 different displays, all in Kiosk mode.

I Know that I need 3 video card and 3 audio card.

Can I do this with UltraMon or UltraMon developer edition?.

Yesterday I test the Cpu process when I run the 3 Apps at the same time, and only for this test I run this apps in a window mode (not Kiosk mode), because I need see the 3 app running all at the same time.
Then I think That I always need run this apps in window mode for check that all are running, could Ultramon convert this windows mode in Kiosk mode in the target display?.

Any suggestion will be appreciated.
Excuse my poor english
Christian Studer   2004-10-29 02:15
You might be able to use UltraMon to move the app to a specific monitor, you'll need to test this though, not all applications running fullscreen can be moved.

I guess you would want to have 3 windowed instances of the app running on one monitor, and a fullscreen version of each instance on the secondary monitors?

UltraMon mirroring doesn't support this, but you could try if it works with MirrorMon, an add-on for UltraMon.

Performance will most likely not be good enough though, and mirroring the video might not work.

Christian Studer -
Franco   2004-10-29 11:54
Hi Cristian
Thanks for your fast response.
I am satisfied if I can run the 3 App in fullscreen on each monitor (I use the TV-out of each video card).

I don't need mirroring, only the 3 App working individually.

What are the considerations for the design of the multimedia app for a successful fullscren on this scenario?

Can I test this app with the trial version of Ultramon (no developer version), and expect similar behavior with the developer version?.
Christian Studer   2004-10-30 06:51
If you develop the application yourself, you don't need to use UltraMon to move it, you can just correctly position each instance on the desired monitor.

You could still use UltraMon components to get information about installed monitors though, for example position, resolution, etc.

If you have no control over the application, you'll need to test if it can be moved with UltraMon in fullscreen mode, there's no other way to determine if it will work or not.

You can use the standard version of UltraMon for testing, it includes the same components as the Developer Edition. Please note though that only some core components are included in the Developer Edition, for example the Smart Taskbar, mirroring etc. are not available in the Developer Edition.

See the UltraMon SDK for a complete list of components included in the Developer Edition.

Christian Studer -
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