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GregMega   2004-12-11 12:20
Running duel display after a while if i click 'my computer' or anything that brings up a window it wont work its only been doing this since i installed ultramon.

Is there a known issue with this?
Christian Studer   2004-12-13 01:40
Most likely you're hitting the limit for open windows, this happens a bit earlier if you have UltraMon running (due to UltraMon using additional resources).

To fix this, run DesktopHeap.exe to increase the size of the desktop heap.

For more information on this issue, and instructions on manually changing the size of the desktop heap, see "Out of Memory" Error Message Appears When You Have a Large Number of Programs Running and PRB: User32.dll or Kernel32.dll Fails to Initialize.

I usually have a lot of open applications, and had the same issue on my Windows XP system (with and without UltraMon running). Increasing the size of the desktop heap from the default 3072 KB to 6144 KB fixed the problem.

An easy way to reproduce this issue is to open lots of Internet Explorer instances. With the default desktop heap size of 3072 KB, you'll only be able to open about 60-70 instances.

Christian Studer -
ECarlson   2005-05-20 13:15
Christian: Thanks for providing the technical info and the fix. Maybe you should add it to the FAQ, since multi-monitor users are more likely than single monitor users to open a large quantity of windows.

- Eric,
Forums -> UltraMon™ -> Things wont open

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