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MOS   2005-10-12 22:33
When I set Detachmonitors(array(2)) I get a flicker on the main monitor of the blank screen I am connecting to. It goes away quite quickly but is there a way of not getting this?

Thanks for any help
Christian Studer   2005-10-12 23:54
This could happen for two reasons:

1) monitor 2 isn't positioned at the edge of the desktop.

For example monitor 1 is the primary monitor, monitor 2 is to the right of the primary, and monitor 3, which is also enabled, is to the right of monitor 2.

In this case, when monitor 2 gets detached, UltraMon needs to reposition it which causes the monitors which get moved to turn black for a short while.

2) UltraMon 2.5 or earlier is installed. In this case you'll have version 2.4 or earlier of UltraMonIndDisp.exe installed, which always disabled/enabled monitors in order to detach them. This will also cause the monitors to turn black for a short while.

Christian Studer -
MOS   2005-10-13 01:18
Thanks for the reply Chris,

I have Ultramon 2.6 with an UltramonIndDisp.exe of So it is not the second problem you have highlighted.

The first problem I do not understand. When you say it "isnt positioned to the edge of the desktop", what do you mean? How can the desktop not be aligned? How would you one change it to become aligned.

Thanks for your help
Christian Studer   2005-10-13 07:45
All attached monitors need to form a contiguous desktop.

If detaching a monitor would prevent the remaining attached monitors from forming a contiguous desktop, UltraMon will move the detached monitor.

For example if you had 3 monitors arranged in a row like this:

1, 2, 3

If you detach monitor 3, UltraMon won't need to reposition the monitor because it is already at the edge of the desktop.

But if you detach monitor 2, UltraMon will move the monitor to the edge of the desktop. The monitor configuration will look like this after monitor 2 has been detached:

1, 3, 2

You can also post the system information from UltraMon menu > About here and I'll check if detaching monitor 2 will cause the monitor to get moved.

Christian Studer -
Forums -> UltraMon™ SDK -> Detachmonitors causes flicker

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