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rickan   2005-12-01 08:03
This is a bit of a long shot, but I'm hoping that someone may be able to provide some suggestions.

Does anyone know if it's possible using the UltraMon SDK or any other means to run an application on a system at a resolution that is independent on the desktop?

We have an image capturing system that unfortunately limits the depth of field to the viewport of the current display. Unfortunately, this makes it impractical to use in situations where a large screen resolution isn't available but the size of the DC is unrestricted.

This is a non-visual application, we simply want to be able to coerce the application into thinking that it has a larger viewport available.

Any hints would be much appreciated - we've seen references to VNC and accessibility solutions that apparently can do this but no specific leads.
Christian Studer   2005-12-02 08:26
UltraMon won't help with this.

Creating a virtual video card driver is certainly possible, you could use whatever resolution you like for the virtual monitor. As far as Windows is concerned you just have another monitor connected to the system.

I'm not aware of any publicly available general purpose virtual video card drivers though.

Christian Studer -
rickan   2005-12-02 12:05
Thanks for your response Christian.

I haven't found a VDD solution for this but I did discover that some of the virtual desktop solutions have come up with some interesting alternatives.

For example, WinSpace from TriPlus has a feature called 'elephant windows' that can resize some windows beyond the limits of the desktop. It isn't clear to me what properties in the creation of the window would allow for this, but IE will respond as expected, giving you a pretty huge browser.
Christian Studer   2005-12-03 02:02
If just resizing the application works for you, you could also do this via UltraMon scripting.

Here's a sample script which doubles the width and height of the active window:


Set wnd = CreateObject("UltraMon.Window")
If wnd.GetForegroundWindow() = True Then
wnd.Width = wnd.Width * 2
wnd.Height = wnd.Height * 2
wnd.ApplyChanges 0
End If

Christian Studer -
rickan   2005-12-05 03:42
Thanks, this might do what we're after.

I have noticed through some experimentation that many applications often won't resize. Any idea what constructors need to be applied at the window instantiation stage to let this happen?

Also, is it possible using this approach for a particular window to be resized while the desktop remains running on the default driver? If it can be done transparent to the user that would be even better.
Christian Studer   2005-12-05 09:33
There's no fix for this, unfortunately not all applications can be resized by UltraMon.

The desktop can be any size.

If the user should be able to launch the application via a shortcut, you could set custom position and dimension settings via the UltraMon - Window tab of the application's shortcut.

Christian Studer -
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