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MOS   2005-12-22 20:32

I hope someone can help.
I am having a problem with sending an application to a monitor with launchandadd.
It is intermittent and does not happen on windows XP.
The application we a running has a windows media player object embedded in it and when running reads a file in its application path and runs the appropriate video.
However the majority of the time in windows 2000 it just shows a black screen or nothing.

I have put a sleep delay of 5 seconds between detach and launchandadd.

I have seen two other posts:
One to do with using utility run and then a separate add. The problem with this is that it displays the application full screen on the local monitor which is not desirable.

The other is about someone else having a similar problem with WMP embedded and no resolution was gained from it.

Has anyone else been able to get this working on windows 2000?

Has anyone else had similar problems?

Thanks for your help
Christian Studer   2005-12-23 06:42
My guess would be that it's a timing issue, for example the application tries to create an overlay on monitor 1, but then gets moved to monitor 2 and creation of the overlay fails.

I would try the following: launch the application normally, wait for a couple of seconds, then move it to the detached monitor with DetachedApps.Add.

With UltraMon 2.6 (version 2.5 of the COM objects), you can also add already running processes to a detached monitor, this wasn't possible with previous versions.

Christian Studer -
Forums -> UltraMon™ SDK -> LaunchAndAdd On Windows 2000

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