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Matt   2006-01-21 17:39
Hi Christian,
As this project 'develops' I find I need new tools!
I need to be able to ensure that apps always startup on the Primary monitor. I suppose if I detach all other monitors, this will do this.
I also need to contain the mouse cursor on the Primary Monitor. Again, detaching all other monitors solves this for me.
What I now need to be able to do, it send an Application that is already running to one of the detached monitors. I have read in some posts that seem to indicate this may not be possible - but perhaps the latest 2.6 SDK allows this now?
I have read about the DetachedApps collection and the 'add' method. The 'LaunchAndAdd' method is no good to me as I don't know which app the user is going to select to move to the detached monitor.
If this is possible - are you able to show me how you would get the ProcID and use the .add method?
I see the steps about creating the process initially suspended, calling the Add method and resuming, but I am not sure how to do this.
Any code/help would be really appreciated,

Best Regards,
Christian Studer   2006-01-22 01:39
This will work fine with the 2.5 version of the COM components, which get installed by UltraMon 2.6.

If the app is already running, and you have its window title or handle, you can use the window object's ProcessId property with the Add method.

Christian Studer -
Matt   2006-01-22 11:27
Hi Christian.
I thought I had latest Ultramon version since I only downloaded it and the SDK recently.. perhaps I installed the SDK after Ultramon, which overwrote the 2.5 COM components with older ones? Would this matter?

The symptom is that I have successfully detached the 2nd monitor, and then I use the .ADD method to add it to the DetachedAPPs collection and specify monitor 2 for the second param. I am stepping through the code line by line, and as this code executes, the app is removed from the taskbar, but does not appear on any monitors. It has 'disappeared'.

Should I re-install Ultramon 'after' the SDK to make sure I have the right components?
What files/dates should I check to make sure I have the right ones?

Thanks for your patience Christian, I think I am 'close'.

Best Regards,
Christian Studer   2006-01-23 10:45
You should have the latest version, the SDK only contains the documentation and sample code.

To verify this, check the version of UltraMon.dll in the system directory, usually C:\Windows\system32.

Maybe the application can't be moved by UltraMon, do you also have this problem if you try to move Notepad to the detached monitor?

Christian Studer -
vison zhang   2006-05-24 02:13
I am a chinese . I want to use two or three mornitor.The primary mornitor is used to edit. second mornitor is used to display, how can i do with software?

Christian Studer   2006-05-24 10:32
If your video card doesn't already support two monitors, for example via a blue (VGA) and white (DVI) connector, you would need to install an additional video card to drive the second and third monitor.

Christian Studer -
Forums -> UltraMon™ SDK -> Moving Apps to Detached Monitors.

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