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Matt   2006-07-26 22:09
We want to create a remote display for our industrial control system.

The PC and primary monitor will be on the desk in the control room. We want a second monitor to display some information by the machine. Physically I think we can use a dual graphics card a VGA extender upto 600'.

I want to the limit the effect the 2nd monitor has on the Windows desktop. I saw one feature of UltrMon was to constrain the mouse to the primary monitor which sounds good.

The main windows/dialogues of our application should appear on (and be constrained to) the primary monitor but then we want to create one special window that appears on the second monitor (probably maximised). If possible it would be good to stop anything in Windows using the 2nd monitor except this one special window!

Does any of this sound possible with UltraMon?

Our application is written in C#.
Christian Studer   2006-07-27 01:13
You could do this with UltraMon's IndDisp COM object, please note that you won't be able to interact with the window on the secondary monitor.

See UltraMon Help > Scripting > Samples > Independent displays for sample code.

Christian Studer -
Forums -> UltraMon™ SDK -> 2nd Monitor Display Only

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